Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In the Company of Vampires and Otherworldly Friends

I can’t think of better company than my Naughty Little Vamp friends. They are kind and patient in their tolerance of this mere mortal, and have welcomed me warmly into their fold. Fortunately I’m not cute and tasty, so they don’t regard me as a feeding device. I just write about cute and tasty characters that one might like to feed on, so to speak.

If my friends and my beautiful hostess, Tamara Hightower, will permit, I would like to announce that my novella, Unscripted, is now available at . Here’s the teaser:

Step into the world of advertising agency ace Kathryn Stroud as her quest to satisfy a difficult client leads her in to the arms—and the restraints—of mysterious videographer, Francois Legere. When manic client Jim Brindleman dismisses three consecutive production teams with a media deadline looming, Kathryn must scramble to put a quality videographer in place and complete a near impossible shoot in time to save the advertising campaign. If she thinks Jim has put her in a bind, she hasn‘t seen anything until she gets irresistibly involved with Francois.

I don’t have a trailer yet because I'm still learning how to create one. See? Now you know what the vampires leave me alone: I’m too green to eat. I hope you’ll check out Unscripted as well as the many other fine selections at eXtasy Books.

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  1. My dear Delora,
    Of course, you are welcome to write about anything your heart desires. I would like to hear more about this Kathryn you wrote about. She sounds intriging.

    And who told you, you were not cute and tasty? Surely, it wasn't someone from my clan, they know I do not tolerate lies. It must have been one of the were's Zyra has been around. Those dogs would lie to their own mothers! And our offer still stands...we would glad bring you over to the other side.