Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shocked I could post

Hi Everyone,

I can't believe Tamara let me post. :) Well, I want to start this post out right so I'm sending a big hello and a thank you to everyone who follows us *waving*

Tamara was concerned that I would say something to piss someone off, or devolve, I don't know, some big, bad, dark secret, but the truth is that I don't know any secrets. No one tells me anything anymore *pouting*

Today was really cold here and Abby is making a fire for us. Okay, I know, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned Abby. Do you think Tamara is still hurt? And tell me, does she really want to kill her? Oh well, it doesn't matter, from what I hear Tamara has gotten herself into a wee bit of a mess lately. She's running around with some ex-keeper tramp named Joan and God only knows what they're doing now.

Last I heard, she was running around New York acting like she owned the city. You know how the older ones get once they accumulate enough power. There's just no talking to them or her anymore.

Anyways, I see none of you so called friends have spoken to her on my behalf. Jonathan, I thought I could at least count you. Thanks for nothing.

I'm going back to my nice cozy fire with Abby and since I know Tamara and most of you love the Cullens, I'll leave you with this.


Eclipse Movie and Breaking Dawn


  1., Izzy, I can't really get in the middle of girlie-drama. The last time I did something like that, I nearly got my head chewed off...literally....and Tamara does seem like the type that would not only chew it off, but have fun playing basketball with someone's head too!!!
    All I can say is, what goes around comes around. Sometimes you don't even have to lift a finger for justice to be served. And it's usually served at the right time.

  2. Jonathan, I guess you're right. Sorry about all the nasty things I said about you. It seems that you're an okay kid after all.

  3. Ummm unlike Jonathan I would be more than happy to get in the middle of you and Tamara ;)