Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Party with CoffeeTime Romance!

Last night the Bloggers of NLV were invited to chat over at Coffee Time Romance. If you were there, thanks so much we have a fantastic time! If you missed it –well you missed a heck of a party.
We talked about peter heaters, Cuban coffee --apparently will kick you and your best friend’s ass, sex scenes --which I missed, though I heard it was quite dirty—dang it! We also gave a away prizes! I gave away an advance copy of my April 1st Release, Shockwave – Temperance, a tarot series novel. It was fabulous to be able to talk to everyone! With our virtual drinks, coffee, snacks and plenty of banter it was the best party I have been to in years!
I wanted to thank the peeps over at Coffee Time for having us. As a treat, here is a naughty excerpt from Shockwave!
Happy Wednesday!
Melissa mingled with the local fashion world. She knew most of them already, chatting about the latest trends and any recent fashion crimes committed by all those who should know better. Jack and Chris had created a wall of women around them, and Jack quickly settled into a flirtatious banter with the group. After giving each of the ladies their due interactions, Jack focused on one, his target of the evening. Strategically cornering the lovely brunette by the name of Alexis, the charm was turned on, and she was eating it up. The flirtation turned to innuendo as he leaned into her body. She moved closer, running her hand from his shoulder down his lapel. He caught her gaze and kept it with a calculated grin. She became brave and turned into him, whispering into his ear.
“When was the last time you had some fun?”
“It’s been a while.” His hand rested on her hip and her hand inched its way up his chest. She giggled as she looked up at him and he smiled in return.
So easy…
“Can we go somewhere a little more private?” Alexis purred into his ear.
“How can I resist,” he said, gulping back the unknown hesitation in his chest. “Lead the way.”
Alexis led him through the VIP area and down a blackened hallway. She stopped and twisted, her body slamming against his before she devoured his mouth. He responded in kind, lifting her leg against his thigh while he played with her tongue with his teeth.
She just showed up and took over…she had no right…
Her nails dug into his chest. He stopped at her waist. She pulled at his neck, her tongue lashing at his teeth. His right hand moved up, palming her nipple through the fabric of her dress. She groaned in delight, letting her head fall back. He attacked her neck, his teeth nipping at the curves.
Like he had no choice in the matter, It was going to happen whether he liked it or not…
Kate’s eyes flashed in his mind.
He grasped Alexis by the hips, spinning her back to the wall. He crushed her with his heated torso, his mouth made a trail down her neck and across her collarbone. She began to unbuckled his belt, and his fingers curled around the strap of her dress, pulling it down her shoulder.
Kate knelt on the floor, his dogs wagging their tails and licking her face…
These guys are adorable…
Alexis’s hand made its way into his pants, and his hand slid up the side of her leg. Her mouth attached itself to his neck. She unbuttoned his shirt. His mind swayed with the conflicting images between his mind and his body. His chest tightened. The sight of Kate in the curving black dress came back to him. His body began responding to the images, instead of the woman in his arms.
What the fuck?
He felt the heat of Alexis moving down his body, and he quickly snapped himself out of the cerebral schizophrenia.
“Alexis, you don’t—” He reached down to pull her back up. Instead, she turned his back to the wall.
“I want to.” An evil grin spread across her face before her mouth swallowed his cock.
He watched her stroke him with her lips and hand. Her tongue moved around the head before plunging him into her throat.  Jack couldn’t help but release a guttural moan, his head falling back against the wall. Despite his own resistance, his mind continued to fill with images of Kate, her body and her eyes. His eyes closed. Alexis’s mouth stroked him faster, her tongue relentless in its pursuit of his cum. It didn’t take long for her to get her wish, his body responding to her ploys with a burst of cum in her hand.
He caught his breath while adjusting his clothes. She rose to meet him with a smile. He moved to kiss her, but instead found her putting a business card in his jacket pocket.
“Call me sometime.” She turned and walked away.
Jack leaned against the wall, his head dipped down.
A good time with no strings…exactly what he wanted

eXtasy Books
 April 1st 2011

Copyright © Amy Romine 2011
 All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.


  1. :P oh I cant wait for shockwave !!! That something missing will be fullfilled ** giggles ** ;)

  2. Amy, we had a ball! Loved that you came out to party with us. You're a riot! We should do that again, soon.

    Coffee Time, You guys rock! Thanks for keeping us in line :0)