Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Resolution. Maybe

Last week I bemoaned my lack of a proper writing schedule, tossing ideas back and forth as to how best to address it. Not many of them were appealing. In the end I scrounged by on the skin of my teeth, finishing revisions on one MS, and starting a brand new one.

All this with the kid hanging on my imaginary skirt tails, and the mister hovering. While I wished my word count would be higher, it remains adequate. In the end, I spent a lot of time with the kid—sure she kept driving me out of her room, chanting ‘I quit, I quit,’ but that’s still time spent. Right, it counts.

The mister didn’t require much this past week—our NY Knicks were on fire with the new trading of Carmelo Anthony, so he was content to guzzle beer and talk sports. Yeah, I do that too—dude, I multitask like a bitch.

All is as it should be. Next week we’re back to our regular routine—work and school-wise—and I’ll go back to my regular scheduled programming. Time to get some stuff done. Tap them keys. Make it do what it do ;)