Friday, February 25, 2011

I’ve been a bad girl!

Well, it’s happened. Those red light cameras caught me blowing through an intersection.

The worse part of it is that Ms. Oh, excuse…me. Agent Carly Bright was the one who decided to chase me through the city. Since when did running a red light become WBPA business?

I did have fun running her through some of the worst parts of town, but this Bright is starting to get on my nerves. Her partner Ash, had better put a leash on her, soon.

Seriously, how could Agent Bright call me dangerous? Beautiful. Seductive. Even deadly, but not dangerous!

Be safe and be beautiful, my clannies.

Carly Bright was born into a long line of witches, but she abandoned her magical heritage for a promising career as a WBPA - World Bureau Paranormal Agent. Teamed up with a vampire partner, Carly wants to make her mark in the world of paranormal investigators, but when they are attacked in public, things change.

Finding out who tried to kill her is only the beginning of Carly's problems. She has to convince her family that her vampire partner isn't out to kill her. Or is she?

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