Monday, January 10, 2011

A Vampire Movie I Like

I was reminded today of one of my favorite vampire movies. Now as a rule I hate vampire movies, often depicting us as either ugly monsters or blood thirsty maniacs. Don't get me started on the recent "prettying" of vampires, I think that is the worst thing yet.

But there is one movie, which I was first aware of as a book of course, which automatically signifies a better story in my mind....Bram Stoker's Dracula....

This is a story I can enjoy. I remember when the story was first published in 1897. I enjoyed it greatly and even paid a visit to its author. I was tempted to make a lover of him, but at that time it was too risky and so I did the next best thing. I protected him from the other vampires who happened along to kill him. They didn't appreciate him adding to the already overactive imaginations of humans.

One thing that interests me about the story now is the fact that he allowed his vampire limited sun exposure. It reminds me of Alexia and I can't help but wonder if her ran into such a else would he have thought to change that classic vampire trait that humans believed.

It makes me wonder if we will ever run into an older half vampire out there. Some creature who has hidden itself well for hundreds of years, in fear for its life among the separation obsessed immortals.

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