Monday, January 31, 2011

ME time!

Stress abounds, people crush me with their needs and I am desperate for a little me time! I don't often feel the need to take time just for myself but I am feeling the need now.

So what do I do to relax and rejuvenate?

Well often I would just spend a day or two locked in my bedroom with Tarquin taking out my stress on him in a very fun way.

....unfortunately he is a big part of my stress right now so I can't do that. Since I can't go blood crazy on a town of stupid humans....I must find a new way to ease my stress.

So this is my plan....Tropical island, exotic blood, and warm night. No family, no friends and no council! If I was human I would spend the entire vacation drunk and sunbathing and having sex with strangers....well if I was human and single anyway.

Wish me luck with this, if it doesn't work you may be hearing about a town ravaged by a homicidal maniac....

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