Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Anticipation of my Upcoming Release

All this time I’ve been chatting with you guys, I failed to mention my novel will be debuting next week. I know, how simply naughty of me! A Wicked Ride will be here by Feb 3 and to celebrate I’m holding a contest. Details can be found HERE, and you have til Feb 5 to enter. And to tide you over until Sasha and ‘em get here, here’s an excerpt:

ADULT EXCERPT~~ Three guesses on the identity of the culprit riding her bumper.
Sasha gripped the steering wheel of her silver 2010 Jaguar XK Coupe with both hands covered in fingerless gloves. She pressed down on the gas with a foot encased in black, thigh high Louboutins. The headlights of the pursuing SUV drew closer in her rearview.

She grinned. Well, damn. Finally.

It’d been two days—a girl could only wait for so long. She’d thought he wouldn’t come looking for her. But here he was. He wanted the flash drive and she wanted his body.

One ride on the train would purge him from her thoughts. Just her luck he’d come when she was on her way to remove the drive from its hiding place. She had a few days left on Vicente’s deadline, but she wanted to get the whole thing over with.

Sasha came up on the turnoff to her house and headed in the opposite direction. No way was she leading him to her front door. She had the perfect place to ensure the privacy they needed for the many things she wanted to do to him.

The man was built—it took all her restraint to keep from climbing his naked ass the other night. His tattoos took up an entire sleeve on his left hand and expanded to cover his heart. Black, swirling tribal symbols, exotic and mesmerizing like him. She finally got to see the color of his eyes—honey-brown, flecked with green and gold. So beautiful.

But his cock had her waking up at night with her fingers buried in her pussy, calling out Niko’s name. She couldn’t get the itch he’d created scratched. In a desperate move, she’d picked up the phone at about three AM last night. She’d have slaked her hunger for Niko on her jump-off, Miles, but he didn’t pick up. JD, her pink jelly dildo, went to work instead. But nothing helped, nothing doused the fire.

Sasha pulled up in the back of the warehouse the gang had used for meetings. Since they’d broken up, the place stood empty. The crunch of gravel signaled the arrival of the Range Rover. She hopped out of the car into the gathering dusk and headed for the door of the warehouse.

Niko’s car door slammed. “Running from me, Sasha?”

What the hell is he talking about? Doesn’t he realize I’m offering myself up like a buffet? Sasha chuckled. She unlocked the heavy metal door of the warehouse, pushed it open and stepped inside. Hot, musty air filled her lungs. A sneeze tickled the back of her throat.

She pulled on the chain for the overhead bulb. Bright yellow light illuminated the empty space with a hum as Niko barreled through the door. Sasha spun around. He stopped short and they stared at each other.
She took in his narrowed eyes, flared nostrils and heaving chest. Her body felt taut, strung tight. She needed his touch, needed him like nothing else, ever.

“Strip,” he growled at her.

She creamed. Hot moisture eased out of her clenched pussy and slid down her thighs. Niko took a step in her direction and reflex made Sasha back up. He kept coming and she backed up until she bumped into the concrete pillar in the middle of the space. Now they were inches apart.

She got caught in the heated pull of his eyes and didn’t see the knife. A flick of his wrist and her mini-dress dropped around her ankles with a sigh. She stared up at him in nothing but gloves and $2,500 boots. The knife clattered to the floor, but he didn’t seem to notice.

His intense stare roamed her body. She felt like she was melting.

“Are you going to make me beg?” she asked. “Because I will.”

He took hold of her left nipple, rolled it between thumb and forefinger and pinched it.

She threw her head back. A moan escaped.

“What do you want, Sasha?” His voice was barely audible.

Her tongue slid out to lick dry lips. “Whatever you’ve got.”

Niko hauled her into his arms. She gave a low cry. His mouth claimed hers in a frantic kiss. Sasha opened her mouth wide, granted him every access. Her tongue tangled with his and she swallowed his moan. Rising on tiptoe, her hands went around his neck. He tasted like cinnamon, so fucking good. Niko bent and lifted her. She clung to him, wrapped her legs around his narrow waist. He palmed her ass. The cool concrete at her back did nothing to cool the fire raging within her.

Niko tore his mouth from hers. “This is going to be quick.” He fumbled with his belt.

Sasha shook her head. “Fuck that, just make it count.”

He dropped a kiss on her lips. A hiss of his zipper, then nothing else mattered, because he was there at her entrance. Thick, smooth and so hard.

He slid home and her pussy swallowed him whole.

“Yesss.” A sob caught in her throat.

Tremors wracked Niko’s body. His cock stayed there, inside her heat, nudging her womb. He took her mouth again in a fierce, wet kiss. She welcomed it and his sharp thrusts as he began to move.
She rocked her hips into him. He made a harsh sound. The squishing sounds of her soaked pussy mingled with their heavy breathing as she fucked him the way he fucked her.

Sasha broke the kiss and panted. His thrusts came harder and faster. Her legs shook and she fisted her hands in his black T-shirt. Niko angled his hips to the left. A sharp thrust caused the blunt head of his cock to hit her sweet spot and she flew apart.

Her sheath contracted around him. Ripples shook her body and she barely heard his savage cry. She came. Sasha screamed and convulsed at the consuming fire. Damn if that shit didn’t take her by surprise—she didn’t scream, ever. She clawed at Niko’s shoulders with her pink nails.

Her body went limp. Niko tightened his arms around her. She felt his come at her core, warm and silky. He buried his face in her neck.

“What are you doing to me, Sasha Forde?”

She tensed, but he began feathering kisses on her face and neck. She had no reply. This magnetic pull between them wasn’t good. Not when she had the flash drive and he wanted it. He couldn’t have it—lives were at stake.

So where did that leave them?

Right here. In this warehouse with sweat-slicked skin, where the musk of their sex mingled in the air. She tightened her hold on him, flicked her tongue out to taste the salty skin of his neck.
He took her mouth in an addictive kiss and she didn’t want to move. Not from this spot, with this man still buried deep in her pussy, holding her so tight. She wanted this and she wanted it with Niko.

She squeezed her eyes shut.

Wrapped in the sensual embrace of a man who just blew her back out while still fully dressed, Sasha did something she’d never done before.

She panicked.

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