Friday, December 17, 2010

Sex and the holidays

I find it interesting that no one has discussed this subject, yet. So, I will.

The holidays seem to be a stressful time for humans. Whether its dealing with the stress of long awaited family reunions or dealing with the stuck-up, self serving brother-in-law everyone loves to hate.

The truth is that stress is stress, whether its good stress or bad, it makes no difference – it’s still stress and most people will find a way to relieve that tension. With the economy the way it is, I’m assuming that sex will probably be number one on the list of stress-relievers. Why? Duh, it’s free (mostly – unless you hire a prostitute, which I strongly advise against) and it feels good. Everyone is doing it. Have you noticed how many September babies there are?

Okay, first thing on the list is CLEAN UP. A lot of people will host gatherings in their homes. Rule of thumb is, if you don’t want the in-laws asking about your intimate sex life, pack up your swing and put it away. This will help alleviate much unneeded agony. Same thing goes for the vibrators and double sided dildos.

2- Create code words or phrases that only your partner will understand. I really admire how you ate without your dentures, uncle Bob, could mean, meet me in the back and fuck me now or else!

3- Get intimate with yourself: Many people do not have the benefit of a spouse, partner, or sexual companion. Do not despair! Pick up a good romance or erotica book and learn to love yourself.

4- If you hear someone bellow Ho-Ho-Ho and you turn around, its time to cut back on the sex.

Off Topic…we have two fabulous authors joining our Naughty Little Vamp family. Please, help me welcome Marc Jarrod on Saturdays and Avril Ashton on Sundays.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Great! Isn't christmas a celebration of love? Isn't it time to show passion? There's really no better way to spend your time!

    Off Topic - Hi Marc, Hi Avril!

  2. Too true!!! Stress is bad, and I'm loving point #2. Fight the stress, and be loving!!! :)-