Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays - Win a Copy of Serenity Lost!

The holidays are here and we wanted to say thank you for all of your support throughout this incredible year. I am joining the fun here at NLV and offering my book Serenity Lost - Trust Me Book 1 as a prize in the Christmas Sweepstakes. Same rules apply, leave a comment and you are automatically entered to WIN!
If you haven't read already, here is the scoop on the 'Trust Me Series'--

He's a cop, she's being stalked. Unknowingly their paths have crossed before and are about to cross again. He hadn't been able to forget her. Now he had no choice.

Book 1 and Book 2 are out now, available at Extasy Books and

Here is your chance to WIN a free copy Book 1 - Serenity Lost

Here's a never before seen Excerpt of Serenity Lost --

“You need to start being more careful, this isn
't a game.”

“What exactly have I done to make you think that this is a game to me?”

“Youre going to get yourself killed.”

“So Im just supposed to hide until it goes away? Im supposed to stop my entire life while I wait for someone to catch him?”

“No, but you need to stop taking unnecessary risks.”

“Okay, hang on a sec, lets just review what risks Im allowed to take.” Bitter sarcasm dripping from her voice. “So weve established Im not safe at home, since Ive spent almost two weeks with Donna now. So according to you, home is out.”


“So what about work? Nope, cant do that either, parade of flowers, a rotting teddy bear and a box of blood pretty much shut that door, didnt it?”

“Youre not hearing me--”

“No, Eric, youre not hearing me. I cant go to work, I cant come home, what else is there?”

“You need to think about this for a minute.”

“No I dont! Im tired of thinking about it.” She felt her control beginning to unwravel in the face of his scolding. Her voice cracked and her eyes started to tear. “Thats all I do is think about it! I lay awake at night seeing flowers, boxes of blood and dead rats. Not to mention hear the screams of unknown women as they have God knows what done to them!”

“Beccs, calm down.” He reached out to touch her.

She backed away, the sound of pounding in her head. “Im done thinking about it. Im done running from this asshole,” She pushed her hand through her hair, unable to keep the emotion out of her voice as “If he wants me, he can come and get me! In fact I hope he doesnt wait too long because I need to get some goddamn sleep!” Rebecca finished her rant and walked past him toward the door. Her intention was to open it in an effort to show him out.


She reached for the door.

There was a loud popping and the sound of breaking glass.

The noise barely registered before there were arms around her, pushing her to the floor. The popping sound continued and she covered her head with her arms, feeling him on top of her. The barrage seemed to stop and he shifted. His arms remained around her and she felt the warmth of his touch on her cheek as she opened her eyes.

“Are you okay?” He looked at her with soft, genuine eyes.

“I think so.” She watched him rise off the floor beside her and then reach out his hand to help her to her feet. Her legs shook in protest beneath her. He pulled out his out his phone and the thickness of his steady hand rested on the small of her back. Rebecca looked into her living room. The floor was covered in shattered glass from the bay window.

“This is Detective Stiles, badge G28904. I need CSU and back up at 1435 Sahara Drive.”

She stepped back, using the wall for support. The world was spinning and she reminded herself to breathe as her sight began to gray.

“You should probably sit down.”

“Im fine.” She straightened her posture in defiance. “What happened?”

“I dont know,” he admitted as he edged toward the window, trying to examine it.

Her hands trembled as she pushed them through her hair. “So what happens now?” She moved to the kitchen, desperate to hide her uncontrolled physical reaction to the event.

“What do you mean?”

She made herself busy at the coffeepot. “You just called the station. Its not a stretch to assume that my house is about to be flooded with uniforms.”


“And you were here during the whole…thing.”


“You dont really need me.” She turned thinking he was across the room, but was instead standing just few feet away. “Youre the expert so you can tell them--”

“Rebecca, youre not leaving.”

“There is no reason for me to stay.” She rationalized, wiping her palms on her jeans. “You and your police buddies have plenty to do and Ill just get in the way.”

“Youre not in the way.”

“You were here so they wont need my statement. You can take care of all--” She leaned against the counter, staring down at the floor.


She remembered the feel of his strong hands holding her close. She watched him approach her from across the kitchen. “And to be honest I would really rather not be here as you go through my life looking for evidence.” Her insides knotted. He came within a few inches of her and she fought for control.

“Rebecca, look at me.” She resented his calm soothing tone. His hands wrapped around her arms. “Breathe.”

She couldn't help but obey and hence became trapped in his gaze. His eyes were just as she remembered them, expressive and deep. His hand grazed her hair and she was taken back to Dallas, the familiar warmth of him enveloping her. She hadn’t realized that her eyes closed, but when they opened, he was just inches away.


Join in the fun now, leave a comment and you are entered to WIN!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Romance and a thriller --sounds right up my alley.

    I follow on GFC.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Reunion, danger, protective male...right up my alley! Adding it to my TBR list! Can't wait! Happy Holidays!

  3. wow. were they being shot at? Great excerpt!

    jessangil at gmail dot com

  4. Ooh, very fun excerpt! Thank you!