Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Delicious Bribery

In order to make you love me--more than you already do--I've resorted to bribery. Aw, you're clutching your pearls! So cute. Haven't I already demonstrateed my insanity to your satisfaction?

No, you say? Well, I'll get right on that. In the meantime, we here at NLV are holding a contest. Comment on any post--and by that I mean mine. I kid. I kid. Seriously, comment on any post starting with Courtney Breazile's below mine, and you'll automatically be entered to win some awesometastic prizes. Winner will be chosen on Saturday.

That's right, Christmas Day. See how much we heart you?

Get to commenting. 


  1. Avril *Tamara shakes her head and shows toothy grin* Ah...you are a girl after my own heart. LOL

  2. Hi, Tamara. Glad you approve. I do try *wink*

  3. You sure do spoil us readers! Happy Holidays!

  4. *snort* You don't need bribery, but it sure can be fun ;) Thanks!