Friday, August 13, 2010


I have heard just about all I can stand about the whining and whimpering of this nations economy. Here’s the truth people, recession is a disease and you can’t treat the symptoms hoping to cure it.

It’s not brain surgery. It’s simple common sense. First and foremost, other country’s are doing a hell of a lot better than America is, why? Because hundreds of thousand, if not millions of American money is funneled to them every year by outsourcing. I see a problem here.

You certainly wouldn’t give Joe Schmuck your last hundred dollars to pay his rent without making damn sure, your rent is paid first! Would you?

How much American money goes to help the homeless, the hungry and the poor in other countries, while America neglects it’s own? How many American jobs go overseas, while American unemployment rates rise? How many illegal's does America cater to, when America can barely sustain it’s own? It’s not a matter of what’s right and wrong anymore, it’s a matter of survival and America is drowning in a sea political correctiveness.

It’s time to put American money and American jobs back where they belong – in America.

It’s time to put aside the personal, petty differences and make America a super power again.

It’s time for America to stop dividing it’s people, did you read that? It’s people…gays…straights…blacks…whites…wiccans…Catholics…America needs to prove that above all else it stands united as one as it eradicates hunger, homelessness, prejudices, bigotry, hate-crimes, unemployment and outsourcing, here, before America tries to fix the rest of the world.

This message was approved by Matriarch Tamara Hightower, candidate for stop your whining, let’s make America better or kick some ass trying.

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