Friday, August 6, 2010

Gay Marriage...

The issue is not whether it is morally right or wrong. We all have our own opinions of what is acceptable.

Some people believe that immersing themselves in religion will save their souls, some believe that spirituality has transcended religious beliefs and yet, others believe in nothing at all.

However, I have recently heard some of the most UNBELIEVABLE, outrageous anti-gay statements ever!

Outlawing gay marriage will improve the economy, activist says.

Yes, that’s right! Because this economy couldn’t possibly benefit from all the gay couples who would;
a- apply and PAY for county, or state marriage licenses,
b- order and PAY for wedding accoutrements,
c- reserve and PAY for travel while on their honeymoon,
and d – plan and PAY for the biggest fucking party this nation has ever seen.

That’s right, keep lying to yourselves and keep believing that denying gays the right to marry would help the economy, but please don’t expect me to buy into your bullshit. I have better places to utilize my common sense and spend my money, and it won’t be at Target.

Target financed anti-gay candidate Come on…really?

As for me, the humans can kill each other off, for all I care. My kind would be better off without the politically corrupt system, humans have in place today, but this affects my human author and I really hate that she is treated as a second class citizen!


  1. Can I come play with the vamps? I grow weary of this human world.

  2. You are always welcome to join us! If the humans keep this senselessness up, they will soon see their own destruction, then we shall prevail.