Monday, June 7, 2010

A winner and a release date

This is coming from Zyra's author today, having found she isn't the type to bother with little things like picking winners. I have stolen her day to make sure things are done properly, and nicely too! I even dressed properly for the occasion, couldn't have Zyra disappointed by the way her author was representing herself. This is similar to something I have seen her in a time or two so....

A Winner

The first week of the June Extravaganza is over and although there hasn't been a huge turnout it was fun and I expect to see lots more as the weeks go by.

Remember that each day Tamara is picking one winner for a small prize and each week a winner is picked from that weeks post comments for a bigger prize. This week was Zyra's turn to pull a winner who can choose any of my books, a full list at my website at to receive.

The random winner is Stacey who commented on June 1st. So shoot an email to and pick your free e-book just for you!

Its easy to win and next week another will be chosen from this weeks post comments so make sure and visit and comment often!

A Release Date

I also wanted to announce that Wet Glamour will be released on July 1st at This is the third book in the Immortal Council Series and focuses on Lucas, an Animal Elf, and Marina, a Mermaid.

"The only thing worse than spending time with the elf who betrayed her, is having him find out she never stopped loving him."


  1. I need more vamps o.0

    sscout :P

    I know, not original, but still, the first comment! :)

  2. I'm looking forward to July 1st, too!
    I'll join you for that release date with my sequel, Lioness' Blood.

    Be sure we, Zoe and I, fear neither Vampire nor Weresquirrel.


  3. Congratulations sscout! Please contact me at: to receive your NLV bookmark.