Friday, June 4, 2010

More human problems!

Well, here we are again. Almost a full week has passed and not many people have taken advantage of the June EXTRAVAGANZA. What is a vampire to do, to get more active readers and participants? Should I visit you at home, while you sleep and implant the idea into your minds? Oh well, it is your loss after all, not mine. Fickle humans.

This past week has been rather frustrating for me. My human author had been busy doing other things. What may I ask is more important than writing my story? Does she not realize the opportunity I have given her? No! Instead, she allots time for the blessed Carly Bright. I knew I was going to have problems with Bright, but that story is for another day.

There are bigger problems to contend with right now. I have kept a watchful eye on the Gulf Oil Spill and even as a vampire, I must say it is disheartening. Human lives are measured by a mere fraction of time. It is our race that will continue long after those responsible for this tragedy are gone, and what will you have left us?

A crippled, unsustainable planet to exist on. I have yet to hear how those responsible for this have been brought to justice instead, they are the same ones who have been left in charge to fix it. I have seen this before, they are also the one’s that will be herald as the heroes for stopping it.

For humans, that makes sense…oh, they saved the oceans and stopped the oil spill. Hip, hip hooray, our heroes! But for those of us who are more advanced, that is complete and utter stupidity.

In my world, justice would have all ready been served and more capable people would have been working to stop this disaster.

Perhaps, it is time that we take back the world. Although, we do not tend to have much regards for humans, we do respect the planet we live on.

Just food for thought.


  1. Let's fix the problem first. Then we can fix the blame when we are at leisure to do so. Besides, it's more than just one party involved here. There are three companies to kick in the pocketbook.

    Now, about that offer...**baring neck** I'm game if you are. ;-)

  2. You are such a tease...**showing toothy grin** I'm liking you all ready!

  3. Man i know it.The planet is a mess and its all mans fault.the oil combines think that have all the rights because man need them so much lets show them and make a world that does not need oil.