Monday, May 24, 2010

A mermaid and an elf....

I know, beach pic...but the next book is about her in that pic, Marina, a mermaid. So its what she sent me, no surprise really, those mermaids hardly wear any clothes at all, ever!

The next book in my immortal series is about to come out. My author Courtney Breazile just HAD to write this one even though it hardly has a vamp or a were in it! Well my lovely daughter does make an appearance, although I don't think I do! Its ridiculous, but oh well, you should all watch for it and read it anyhow. It will have important information in it about all our stories.

Wet Glamour will be out next month at and it will feature Lucas, the animal elf you met in Alexia's story Keeping Blood and his mate, a lovely mermaid, Marina. I won't tell you too much about them just yet. I only want to whet your appetite for the story...or so my author told me I should do.

Normally I wouldn't bother what a human thought, but in this case, if I piss her off she will stop writing our stories and I am NOT interested in finding another human I can stand the presence of long enough to get them to write about us. So I am doing her bidding, tonight.

The animal elves, as you saw in Alexia's story, are insane...Their belief that all things should be equal and balanced is an obsession that is what almost resulted in mine and Tarquin's deaths! Luckily they are beginning to relax the whole, two members of different species can't mate. They still feel they are far better a species than any other. I would just love to see them all taken down a peg or two, especially Lucas's sister, Lillian....(my fangs extend at the thought of going after her neck)

The mermaids are...well they are like the sorority sisters of the immortal world I guess. Pretty, not too smart, definitely not very strong. They have some pretty impressive powers however, which I will let you all guess on for now. Perhaps Rina will come in here and do an interview next month to let you know more about that.

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