Monday, May 17, 2010

Alexia sneaking in

So I decided to commandeer my mother's computer and blog tonight. I kicked her and my father out for a much needed night out together. There has been a lot of stress around here lately and I think she was about ready to go make a meal of her new neighbor, something that I, as a member of The Council of Immortals, simply cannot allow! I haven't yet decided how to keep her from doing this in the future, but for tonight at least, Maria is safe from her anger.

I wanted to also give you all an update on my story. After Keeping Blood was released there was a bit of an uproar among Ian's pack. They have been so very accepting of me as I am, something I hadn't expected at all. I wouldn't say that I was embraced by them, but I wasn't shunned either. They were all standoffish and watchful, which I respect greatly.

Which is why what happened after they read my story all the more puzzling.

They went out the next full moon and found Sam, who had been hiding out in North Idaho outside of any packs. They found him and delivered pack justice that they felt more than fair for what he had done to me, or tried to do anyway.

I was shocked, and flattered, even though I would never condone such violence officially as a member of the Council...but still it was quite satisfying to know that this pack had accepted me already to a degree that my own had never done.

No one will miss him and I feel as though I belong there among my mate's pack. A wonderful thing.

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