Monday, March 29, 2010

A Mother's Duty

As a Vampire I am naturally a loner, don't really feel the need to be surrounded by family or friends or any of that sort, aside from my mate of course. My darling daughter, Alexia, I don't feel the need to overly mother, never have although I still feel a deep desire to protect her, something that is usually lost to vampires. It must have rubbed off from being around all these pack oriented werewolves. As an immortal I could, technically, have offspring forever if I was so lucky as to conceive, something that tends to be difficult for most immortals. I don't want more children however, and have avoided this easily by drinking blood from other's than my mate, especially around the full moon which is when were's are able to conceive. Fortunately my lovely mate, Tarquin, believes as I do, that creating more werepire's for our pack to loath is not a good idea, something you will get a good idea about in Alexia's book Keeping Blood out April 15Th.

Alexia grew up with such a horrible example of pack around her, such unwelcoming everywhere she went. I wasn't able to protect her from that, even if I was able to keep any physical harm from befalling her. She was always lost, not fitting anywhere. Now she is surrounding herself with so many different species as a member of the Council of Immortals. I don't think that she has found a family for herself, other than with her mate, Ian, but she has found a place that is at least accepting. The council's entire ideal is based on species unity and mingling, of which she is a perfect example of.

I am thankful that she seems so happy, full of purpose and of course, loved. However she has chosen to be such a public figure, and there is so much hate, so much anger toward Paxton and his council. I fear for her and I want to protect her, but Tarquin won't let me get involved. He says that we must let Ian deal with and protect Alexia.

How can I trust a a werewolf I hardly know to protect my daughter! I will be watching things closely, if the threats against the council don't stop I will get involved. It is my duty as her mother to protect her, even if it is from afar. I will not let her be harmed, my one and only perfect child.

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