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Character Bites with Sun Rocket Kahoqua

RED LIONESS TAMED ~ Sun Rocket Interview

March 27, 2010

Fried fish greetings, Earthers of the 21st century, my name is Sun Rocket Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan. Because of my... yowls, he calls himself my husband... that’s a long eel of a tale... and, it’s the one my author tells in my first series story, RED LIONESS TAMED... meowsa, because of my Draxen’s strange orb, one he found while scavenging on an odd scrap vessel floating in an isolated sector of the galaxy... I can communicate with you from the future... what we on my homeworld, a Mars moon, say is the year, 3051.

I’m what is known as a Cat Shifter in the galaxy at large. In my tuna-loving case, a red lioness shifter because of the breed I most resemble when in my various cat-woman forms. I can also shift into a pure red lioness... that’s how I helped Draxen save us and save his sleek transport cruiser when we were attacked by a formidable lizard race... Rawrrrrring roars... and a paw swipe at any who would be my enemy or hunt those I love.

Before being accidently captured by a haul-up beam, I chased down those Cat Shifters gone bad anywhere and everywhere in the known galaxy. Since prejudice is widespread against Cat Shifters, I stay in my human form while on the job I’ve chosen. My dear mother would have had me become as she is, a revered seductress who has trained in the erotic arts. However, shark bait, my feline nature follows that of my father. Adventure, stalking down the bad guy or bad gal cat.

Purrs... paw-bat at a goldfish... special abilities, you ask... I’m more athletically gifted than many of my cat shifter brethren. My hunting instincts are superior and I’ve trained in every manner of fighting art. It’s paws or boots on the ground experience, though, that’s given me my predator’s edge, my success in capturing every kind of criminal cat.

I do have specialized shifting abilities, given my unique genetic heritage...a feline race that colonized Mars long before the antediluvian age on Earth. My ancestors were also the result of big cat hybrids created by the black ops programs during your Earth time... going on now as I speak with you... roars of secrecy! Also, add in the feline humanoid, non-shifting races that arrived on Mars in the late 21st century... and here I am.

I have shifter abilities I’d prefer not to have widely known by those I prowl after. Now, only Draxen knows about my special sexual shifts... meow-wow, give a lioness girl a tail shake, that man has his own ‘specialized’ heritage abilities. My mother would be so proud of me now. Or proud of Draxen’s erotic talents with me. She would rumble a sensual purrrrr, then maowing-sing, Walk like an Egyptian... believe it, or not, Earthers, that phrase was used during that long lost time when those from Atlantis and other star races developed the first civilization on the Nile. Talk about a carnal loving free for all, or so my mother tells the story... and she has time-traveled there.

My latest adventure... snarls and tail-whips, getting used to the collar I must wear on Draxen’s homeworld during his sister’s wedding... my Draxen pays dearly for this choking indignity. Yowls-though, I suspect he rather enjoys my over-vigorous use of his cock.

Meowing advice to my author... gggrrrrrr... pen my next adventure, Red Lioness Tailspin ~ Adventures of the Red Lioness, Book II. Purring please...

Perception of others? Do you refer to the readers of my adventurous tale... yes, rawrrrr, my tail is adventurous... so far, I have been perceived well, by many, as I understand it... what’s not to adore about a red lioness woman? Fang-grin... especially me.

Five flounder-flopping questions, you say? Meow-okay, I think the orb will keep communicating through time.

If you were brought into this world, what would be your first order of business?
If I were to honor the stories of my big cat/human hybrid ancestors, I would work secretly to free them from the laboratory horrors they endured. And free them from the devices that were used to evilly track and control their very natures.

Is humor important? Why or why not?
Fish bones in my french fries... Humor is always important... one reason for my cat sayings... mostly mind mutterings to myself... I keep myself entertained while working alone on my bad-cat catching assignments... space is a big place and often lonely. Or, it was before Draxen.

My author is sending along one of my adventures BD, Before Draxen... titled: The Capture of BusterBalls... which has it’s humorous moments.

Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
This is an opportunity I never whisker-licking counted on having, truth to your ears... that is, speaking with you humans on Earth during this crucial time in your history. As we see it in my time, yours is a turn of the century so dark, so evil in its undercurrents, any and all light shed by those of good heart and soul... and anyone who will bravely stand against it... these good thoughts and actions will contribute toward creating a world desired by All.
It is odd to us that one of your ‘movies’, Star Wars, a space opera, I believe you call it... so clearly depicts what actually occurs, right now, in your time.

If you could pull your author into your world, what do you think would happen to them?
Fang-fascinating to consider.... my author would be instantly placed in one of our rejuvenation centers. Once her many ailments were healed, she would be a prize on the marriage market simply for her Earth human genetics. Why do you think so many alien races visit your time now? Much of this visitation is for the purpose of harvesting what is often called, your ‘golden breeding’. Most of the harvesting is benign, hair follicles, skin cells. However, there are those few who remain vile in their methods.

Do you know we still possess the ancient of ancient rejuvenation technologies, used by the first Egyptians, on my homeworld? These technologies and more are currently on Phobos, during your time. I believe it was recently revealed by Richard C. Hoagland, and others, that Phobos is a satellite-like object, not a naturally-formed moon circling Mars.
In truth, Phobos was once a decontaminating and regenerating station orbiting Mars before the time of the solar system wars.

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
I believe my time is short to answer this question. The orb is fogging, flickering now.
Hissing whispers-shhhh... don’t tell Draxen, since he is swashbuckling ‘cocky’ enough... but his carnal way with me is far superior to any male I have known... not many, since their sexual appetites were... yawns and stretches... stinky fish boring.

Wait! Squinting my eyes... more questions... perhaps, if I brush the orb with my tail tassel... Draxen adores it whenever I remain as a lioness woman... and yowsa-powsa-sex! What my furry teasing tassel does to him when used on his anatomy, then what he does to me... plate full of shrimps-yum!

You, Earthers, have called my story sci fi... so, wilding roars, let’s go spanning the galactic stars...

So many intergalactic devices, so little mewing time... the weirdest one I’ve encountered was what looked a milky lavender-tinged blob, about the size of my two fisted human hands. At the time, I was alone on an automated vessel ferrying between two spaceports.
Thinking it might be a form of dairy cream, one of my favorite foods, I shifted into my lioness woman form... approaching warily enough, I sniffed... there was a slight gel-like movement, so I licked... the thing grabbed my tongue and wouldn’t let go... well, you can imagine... I’m spinning about, trying madly to shake the thing off... I can’t even scream bloody murder yowls... my tail is slashing about wildly, slapping against anything in the way... I end up banging the ‘blob thing’ against anything solid I can strike... turns out it was a vessel cleaner and was determined to give my tongue a thorough molecular scrubbing.

Now, I can laugh... at the time, I tried clawing the thing to death... when I could shift to full lioness.

Hmmm... maows, I’ve talked some about my times, the worlds I know... if you have any further curiosities, ask and my author will put the questions to me.

I’ve visited many, at least, a hundred planet-worlds and been on a few with little sentient life and no civilization as you would know it. One colossal planet-world is known as an apparitional world because most the life forms are white drifting plasma streams. They wrap around you and talk inside your mind. Not just telepathy. It’s as though you are speaking, not merely thinking a conversation. I ended up there, chasing a mooncat shifter who could phase to a similar state.

The one thing I wish they didn’t have on my homeworld ~ The annual Eat a Snail Festival. I can’t stand the taste of snails, but yowls and screams! I’ve been fiercely competitive since a kitten tot. I would always play in the snail football games... I’m superior at running and catching, so I passed the goal line carrying the catfish a lot... that meant I had to eat as many snails as possible before an opposing player seized the bucket they were in... because each snail I slithered down was an additional point on the scoreboard. Escargot! Hissing-yuck!

In my time, coffee like chocolate can be found anywhere the climate and soil is agreeable for the beans to grow, since it’s one of those goddesses-and-gods-gotta-have food substances, and was seeded, and is still being seeded on planet-worlds. The varieties are enormous and many folks make a trading business out of importing and exporting the beans, which are also highly medicinal for most races.

The Capture of BusterBalls

Her heightened senses devoted to capturing her prey, Sun Rocket didn’t bother counting all the rainbows in the Uquenxia sky. The blaze-stained colors gently arched, one above the other, and hung as if a permanent feature of the small planet. "Meow and heart-stopping wow," she whispered for her own benefit.

Uquenxia, the fourth in orbit around a twin suns’ solar system, was a jungle paradise with an atmosphere friendly to her kind. Even the dark-skinned, pole-tall residents were friendly to her cat shifter race, unusual for a galactic world. Which made it all the more imperative to track down BusterBalls, a cat shifter gone rogue.

Allowing the amazing display to envelop her, she sniffed for the Tiger-Himalayan hybrid, who thought he was Bast’s mating gift to every woman he found carnal delectable.

"Stinking balls ass," Sun Rocket derided, scenting him. Sauntering lazily to avoid suspicion, she followed the tiny thread of odor, even though the jungle’s thick blooming fragrances surrounded her like fog and saturated her skin.

The fact that the woman BusterBalls stalked to seduce, may already be mated or with another male, rarely deterred the sly conceited cat. So named because his favorite method of getting rid of the competition–waiting with extreme patience, sneaking up on the unfortunate male, then using his massive tiger-strong jaws to crunch the rival’s testicles.

Sun Rocket winced, recalling the bloody messy visuals she’d been shown. BusterBalls didn’t possess an iota of mercy, his human side lost to his mating nature.

Aware of several creatures eyeing her as prey in this world of giant-sized animal life, Sun Rocket strolled toward an open air cantina, a chic establishment located beneath a semi-circle of enormous palm trees. She waved a friendly hand in the local style at the curious seated couples, while pretending not to notice the frank over-heated stares of two men.

An instant later her nose wrinkled in reaction to the stench of BusterBalls’ rut. Meow-yowl about a bad fish market. He’d been in the cantina recently, within half of Uquenxia’s bright long day.

Staying on the hard-packed path through the edge of the tropical jungle, Sun Rocket shifted with ease into her lioness woman form, since no one observed her, and she was on the hunt. As she chased her prey down, she became Kahoqua, her feline name. Her running strides silent and swift, despite her tourist-casual sandals, she closed in on the raunchy fucker.

Fierce, intent on ridding the intergalactic community of a bad cat shifter, she nearly rammed into a Uquenxian man who frantically hopped in agony, while holding onto his testicles. With primitive reflexes, Kahoqua jumped to the side, and raced on, knowing she couldn’t help him. Roar to hell! Catching the ball-chomping beast would save other males in the future.

Hearing the rapid moans of a woman being pleasured, Kahoqua leapt upwards into a spin, then charged in that direction. In moments, BusterBall’s mating odor competed with every jungle smell, a stink up to the suns. Once she heard his caterwauling lust, Kahoqua slowed her pace. Spying a tidy domicile, shaped to shed the frequent rainshowers, she stealthily crept forward.

Flicking her ears, she searched for his exact location. His humping smell was like a heavy mist diffusing her ability to sniff him out. Stepping behind an huge tree with smooth bark, she listened to BusterBall’s rhythmic grunts before peering around the trunk. In the filtered sunlight, his butt blatantly gleamed with striped pale tan fur. His yellow-fur balls swung like fat bulbous pouches as he plowed back and forth into the woman’s sheath. He’d only partially shifted, and was without his tail.

Kahoqua pressed against the trunk, her eyes clenched shut. Damn, the slippery trout of fate. She couldn’t bring herself to interrupt, since the woman seemed to be actually enjoying herself. And scrape hell with her claws, she wasn’t watching BusterBall’s ugly balls bounce as he fucked. Prepared to pounce, she listened for the woman’s final pleasure.

Once the woman’s cries of ecstasy joined with BusterBall’s rutting growls, Kahoqua peeked around the trunk while unsheathing her attack claws. Swinging back and forth with each vigorous thrust, the woman lay on a large hammock sideways, her dark lean limbs spread apart in a large V.

Bast, thank you. BusterBall’s testicles were hitched up tightly, ready to explode. He launched his loins forward, groaning his orgasm. Kahoqua sprang as he tiger-screamed his orgasm, the TestesTaze loop in one hand. Reaching him as he fell over the woman, she snaked her hand toward the front of his throat, and sank her claws into his fur and thick flesh.

Hauling him backwards by his throat, Kahoqua used the momentum of his weight to slide his cock out of the woman. Gripping the back of his neck with her fangs, she flung her body’s much smaller weight against his back. Unprepared for the attack and sex-depleted, BusterBalls sprawled through the air, then smacked onto the jungle floor, while the woman shrieked in fear.

Before he could whip around and savagely claw her, Kahoqua seized the slimy flesh of his sack above his balls. Her fingers squeezed into a vise. She jerked hard, sprang and straddled his back. He roared furiously as she clamped the TestesTaze loop where her fingers had been.

"Gotcha, ya bad kitty shifter," Kahoqua growled.
"No!" the woman shouted in her tongue, her desperation obvious to Kahoqua’s ear. "Love. Love."
"Love?" Kahoqua snarled toward BusterBalls slack ear. He didn’t move a big cat muscle knowing that excruciating pain would wrack his entire body from the Taze ring if he did.
"No, love," the woman continued. She rattled off a lengthy explanation of how she and BusterBalls had come to know one another, care for one another, and had finally fallen passionately in love.
"Understand, understand." Kahoqua waved a hand to halt her when she finally inhaled a large breath. "Tell me, who is the man with the crunched balls?"
"Her brother," BusterBalls croaked in a growl.
"He was here to force me to marry another."
Kahoqua rolled her eyes, and yowled a sigh. She couldn’t disbelieve. The woman was much too sincere. Plus the stars, her own lie detecting intuition didn’t wail a warning. "Holy catfish damn," she muttered.
Plopping her bottom down on the middle of BusterBalls brawny back, her tail slashing back and forth, she tried to think of a solution. "He’s been a very bad boy." Eyeing the woman, she asked, "Do you understand?"
"I told her," BusterBalls croaked again.
"Yes, he confessed his bad ways." The woman’s heart shone in her eyes, along with a ray of hope.
"Yeah, I’ll bet the shrimp farm on that one." Kahoqua growled a long sigh, listening to her own heart. "Here’s my offer. I can adjust the Taze ring to be comfortable and activate only if ‘he’..." she cast her glance down at BusterBalls, "leaves your world."
The woman smiled brilliantly, nodded, then fell to her knees beside BusterBall’s head, and stroked him tenderly.
"BusterBalls?" Kahoqua let her voice drip with fur-stripping acid.
"Yes," he simply spoke, somewhere between a purr and a groan of pain.
"Yeah, love...ain’t it grand as the galaxy," Kahoqua crooned. Rising, she efficiently adjusted the TestesTaze. "You know what happens if I have to hunt you down again," she threatened with her talking growl. And with the whipping slash of her tail.
"I know," he grrr-ed. Ever so slowly he turned over on his back. His belly exposed, his cock sheathed, he offered no challenge.
"No more happy fucking balls if you leave Uquenxia, remember that." Kahoqua pivoted, her own heart hoping for the best. Gazing over her shoulder, she added, "Be happy."


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