Monday, March 1, 2010

Male Dominance

Tonight, myself and Tamara were guests on a vampire chat on twitterchat. Hosted by the gracious @VampTeam.
One thing that was brought up was whether or not us female vampires find ourselves being dominated by the males around, or looked upon as weaker than the males.
I thought this would be a wonderful subject addressed here. And I do hope to get the opinions of you other vamps an lovers out there.
In my experience there are always males who will undoubtedly want to dominate, and will think that they should, easily dominate you because you are the weaker sex. It is something that is prominent in nearly all species. It is an unfortunate side affect of too much blood in the penis I think, not enough in the brain at all.
There are those that have overcome this unfortunate side affect of the extra appendage. I find that it is necessary to prove I am not a woman who will be pushed aside from time to time. But it is usually easily accepted by vampires. I have found that vampires are in general too self absorbed to be overly concerned with things such as sex and the proper place of a female. I have found that among a mated pair there is an agreed upon structure, be it equality or not. It is not likely that a male vampire could force a female vampire into a submissive role if she were not willing.
If you doubt this just ask Paxton if he was able to subdue me when we were together *chuckle* not even a little, but I think you all guessed that anyway. I see much more submissive roles with other species, such as the werewolves. It seems that female werewolves are forced into a submissive role, and stay there whether they like it or not, of course this is quite similar to the forced submissiveness that werewolves have for their alpha. An ingrained hierarchy. Thank the gods that vampires have no such stupidity in them. I don't think I would take well to it. It has been difficult enough dealing with an alpha werewolf as my mate, don't think I could handle a bunch of uppity male vamps around trying to tell me what to do.
I would be biting way more than necessary, and then would likely be punished for my "inappropriate" behavior.


  1. Zyra, I had such a lovely time last night. We really must do that again.

    I agree with your assesment of the male vampires, perhaps there isn't enough blood flow to the more important areas of thier bodies. Such a shame!

  2. It was fun, we will definitely do it again.

  3. I would never let a male dominate me what ever species that they are.I believe that a female vampire would not Either.

  4. Staci- I agree, unless its your thing in the bedroom, a female should be treated as an equal, and with respect. Unfortunately males don't often agree, basic beasts that they all are.