Monday, December 7, 2009

My Lips Won't Stay Sealed

I will begin with a quick side note from last week. I have not confessed my minor transgression to my mate yet, nor do I intend to any time soon. I think perhaps once Whitney has passed away from her human life I will tell him. Until then I want her safe, and happy out there, not stalked by a jealous Werewolf.

My house is mine again, and I am loving it. Just me and Tarquin. Even Alexia and her mate have gone off for a bit, some kind of Council business. So peace is sitting in me now.

Tarquin was called away on some minor pack trouble and while I was awaiting his return I decided to turn on the television for some amusement of the human kind. I was shocked by the inundation of immortal lore in the human world. The number of shows and movies and books about Vampires and Werewolves is astounding, and so laughably false.

I started to reflect on the truth, and the amazing life I have been living for so long. The lives of so many I know and the awesome new direction the whole of the immortal races lives are taking with the development of The Council of Immortals. It all started with my story, mine and Tarquin's story. I feel it is worth recording, and what better way then through the popular human method of writing.

I have not yet decided how I am going to go about this without revealing myself to humans. I will figure out a way though, perhaps I will insinuate myself into the dreams of a human writer and give over my story in that way. Or perhaps I will do something dangerous and so much more me. If I can find a human who is worthy of a Vampire's trust I could give her my story directly and be a part of the writing of it more directly.

That would be a trick, one for which I just might be up for. I would, of course, have to petition for approval and protection from The Council of Immortals. That way no other would be able to rightly punish me for the forbidden action.

I am sure there is no real danger in it anyway, especially since the human world is so inundated with Vampires and Werewolves at the moment that I would be passed off easily as just another among so many. None would look at it and see the truth, that here is what is hiding in the dark and all around the world.

I will reflect on this possible task and keep you informed of my decision, I know what I would call my story: Blood Visions


  1. Perhaps it is best that you wait. Werewolves are governed by a territorial need. He may kill her or piss on her, wither way, it wouldn't be good.

  2. I'd be leery with trusting HUMANS too. Have you ever noticed how INSANE they are with their stupid ass reality shows, their shallowness, their vainglory? GAH! Every man for themselves. The 'human' in humanity is DEAD, Zyra. PLEASE PLEASE be careful.
    P.S. know any wrerwolves that are cool with hanging out with vamps?

  3. To Anonymous- Yes I would not want her killed, or pissed on so I will wait.

    Jonathan- I hate humans, they are too dumb and dangerous as a whole. There are so few who I have found worthy of getting to know, and only one who I trusted with the secret, Whitney has never revealed it that I know of. I will be quite picky with my choosing for this project, do not worry. I don't want to be responsible for revealing our existence to the humans. There are few Werwolves who tolerate even my presence, obviously my mate, Tarquin and my son in law, Ian. There are a few others, Terrance comes to mind, although he has been missing for a while now. They are out there if you look hard enough. Many are coming around to the idea of necessary getting along, well some maybe not many.