Monday, November 30, 2009

I cheated

I survived Thanksgiving, more importantly, so did everyone else. The entire pack was here, along with my friend, and ex-lover, Paxton. Paxton was tempted to take out a few of the younger Weres who were strutting around the place, especially when he realized how much hostility they hold for our kind.

So the house was on a razor edge with all the male power and interspecies hate floating about. I wasn't going to be able to do it, or so I realized on the Eve of the big day. My daughter was there, and she needed to feed, from someone other than her mate. There was no question, I was going to provide for my daughter, and a hunt was the only way because one of the Weres had "accidentally" taken all the blood out of the fridge to make room for their nasty dead Turkey.

I did try and call in an order to the local source, but because of the Holiday that was not happening. So I did the only thing I knew to do on such short notice. I went to the one and only human I have ever trusted with the secret of immortals, Whitney. It is a dangerous thing, for both of us, it goes against everything I believe in, in theory.

Whitney is perfection, and so I was obviously drawn to her. It didn't take long for her to see that I was more than she was, I should have killed her for it, but I couldn't. Instead I stopped seeing her, so she would remain safe as long as she stayed away from me and kept her mouth shut. Which she has done quite well.

It was a long long time ago, before I was mated. But the feelings of caring for her are still there, and so I went to her in the hopes that she would still feel something for me enough to help in this situation. Luckily she lived close enough for us to travel there in a couple hours, running.

Our mates knew, and Paxton came along, because staying in a house full of Weres was too dangerous for all of them, and under the guise of protecting us. There was nothing hidden, nothing secretive, nothing intentionally anyway. I may have left out the details of my relationship with this particular human, notably the fact that I never have nor do I intend to take the memory of our visit from her.

When we got there she was expecting us, had left the back door open and lit candles to set a seductive mood. She was lounging with a book but as soon as she saw me it slipped to the floor, her lush lips parting on a shocked intake of breath, I hadn't aged a day but she was noticeably older. Still beautiful, still a perfect human form, just a bit older.

Paxton waited outside and I let Alexia feed first. It was quick and impersonal, as impersonal as it can be to put our lips to another's neck and drink from them. Whitney's eyes closed on a bite induced delighted sigh and my mouth went suddenly dry from want of what I knew was flowing into my daughter's mouth. I fisted my hands and bit my lip to keep from tearing my beloved daughter away from the human I wanted so badly.

When Alexia was done I sent her outside, which is exactly what I shouldn't have done. Whitney threw herself at me as soon as we were alone, how could I resist that? Her body felt the same under my hands and I could smell the fresh sweet blood under her skin. I took her mouth with mine and allowed myself to enjoy the passion as it flowed between us.

When I wasn't sure I could resist taking her completely I bit into her vein and fed deeply, so deeply that she was limp when I finished. I left her lying on her couch, a soft kiss pressed to her lips and a promise that I would never again ask so much of her. It just wasn't fair to her, or to my mate.

I will confess my transgression to my mate, but not when there are so many other Weres in the house, I would not embarrass him in such a way.


  1. Sweet Zyra,
    Do not blame yourself. I believe your judgement was tainted by the influence of the Were's surrounding you.
    I'm sure you will find the appropriate time to disclosure your transgressions.

  2. Yes I suppose I will, I feel so much better having gotten it off my chest here at least. Tomorrow is the full moon, after that all the rotten dogs will leave and it will once again be just the two of us.