Friday, July 6, 2012

What do Vampires think of…

Zoe_Lionheart_100 …Humans? Sometimes entertaining, sometimes boring, but in the end they’re all food.
…Police? They have no clue.
…Soldiers? Only wasting our food.
…Dogs? A major annoyance, but not worth the effort to kill them.
…Cats? Clever enough to get out of our way.
…Livestock? A last resort for the weak, but their blood leaves a bad taste.
…Were-creatures? Their claim for power can’t be tolerated!
…Elves? Sweet taste, but hard to get.
…Dwarves? Tough and fierce, but high nutritive value.
…Orcs? The worst taste ever, and they don’t know their place.
…Ghouls? Good for cleaning up behind us. They eat the empty corpses.

…Harpies? They’re crazy enough to attack even a Vampire, but nothing to worry about.
…Sirens? Hardly a danger to Vampires, as we don’t travel the seas.
…Mermaids? Nice sight but a fishy taste, and Vampires aren’t made for diving.
…Sphinxes? Fierce fighters who may even win a fight. Avoid!
…Griffins? Fighters as well, and able to fly. Avoid unless your clan needs exercise.
…Phoenix? Immortal and sacred – do not touch.
…Witches and Warlocks? Fun for a night, but still humans, see above.
…Fairies? No substance, but nice to talk to.
…Dragons? We go out of their way and hope they won’t notice us.


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