Monday, March 12, 2012

A look at the beginning....

The Immortal Council Series is growing, the 7th book being written now and so I thought it was time to take another look back at where it began.
Blood Visions

Paxton awoke just before dawn and sat up cautiously. He frowned down at the cuddled pair next to him. They looked so damn happy together, he couldn’t stand it. He had come to her tonight to prove that she needed him, but it hadn’t ended up that way. The only thing he had proven was that she needed Tarquin more. She was lost to him now. He knew that even if he could never accept it.
Paxton stalked away from the hotel room. He wanted death, he wanted destruction and he wanted that dog’s lifeless body. But he wouldn’t, he couldn’t do anything that would hurt his Zyra. So he would take this violent anger out on someone else, happily.
He saw a group of human males up ahead, leaving a bar. He slipped easily into the covering shadow and followed them. As if sensing the danger lurking behind them, the group sped up and one even looked over his shoulder, searching the shadows where Paxton blended.
The man’s human eyes would never be able to see him, but he did seem to be looking right where he was standing. Odd.
The group continued on and a couple of them entered an apartment building, leaving two to continue on, one was the man who seemed to sense Paxton.
Paxton kept following, waiting for his opportunity and enjoying the smell of fear rolling off the man. They turned a corner and entered another apartment building. Paxton waited outside a moment, letting the prey get comfortable.
He entered the building and followed the smell of the man. He didn’t bother knocking on the thin door. He pushed it open, breaking every lock the man had thrown in place.
Such fear, such excruciating fear paralyzed the man as Paxton approached, eyes swirling red, hypnotizing. Paxton grasped the man close and sank his fangs deep, drawing fast and hard to satisfy his need for violence.
Paxton dropped the man to the floor, blood red eyes wide with shock. He had experienced a Blood Vision at last. He had seen his mate’s face, and she wasn’t a vampire. She was a fellow member of the Council of Immortals, not that such a thing existed, yet.

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