Monday, January 16, 2012


Why is time such an obsession for humans? I don't understand why they spend so much time caring about time. I watch them check their watches and check their phones and check schedules and calendars. So much time, so much effort money and planning goes into the human obsession with the passage of time. As if it matters, as if they can somehow control its passage by reining it in. Perhaps that is it, more than an obsession with time, it is the human obsession with control that is the issue. Time is one of those things that is inevitable and uncontrollable unchangeable and untouchable...and humans just can't stand that.

If they had more, what would they do with it? If they could live as long as my kind, what would they do? They still couldn't control the passage, but would they cease to care, as my kind has done? Would they relax, slow down and actually enjoy the life they live instead of spending all their time, worrying about the time?

Doubtful...humans are determined to waste what they have given to them.

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