Friday, January 6, 2012

Ten Ways To Recognize A Vampire Neighborhood

Zoe_Lionheart_100 During the last months, I’ve given some advice to those who consider becoming a creature of the night. Now let me focus on those who prefer sunlight – perhaps because I’ve convinced you that it’s a bad idea?

Okay. If you don’t want to become Vampire prey – or be transformed – you shouldn’t just know how to kill a Vampire (that’s where we started from, remember?), but in the first place need to recognize if you’re in danger or not. So let me summarize some clues to find out if you live in a Vampire neighborhood.

1. The hospital’s blood preservations have been plundered.

2. Your neighbor’s cat or dog disappears without a trace. Ask around if that’s a pattern. If you live in a rural area, also investigate about live stock.

3. It’s getting worse if people disappear, leaving the police clueless. Even if you don’t like that particular neighbor, or even if nobody liked him or her, that might not be a good sign.

4. Be wary if there are pale people in dark clothes you only see at night. It’s okay if your neighbor works night shifts, and if the youth in your area tends to gothic style, you may have trouble to spot the difference, but you better find out.

5. The consumption of garlic has increased? Maybe other people already know something, and you don’t? Improve your intel.

6. Some young and pretty people in the street are wearing a scarf all the time. Maybe they have a cold, or maybe they’re covering the bite marks of their nocturnal lover. Who can tell?

7. Even worse, if those people show a strange grin. Those mortal companions may have had sex with a Vampire lately.

8. You hear the rush of wings in the air, shadowy figures sneak around your house at night. On the next morning – you don’t go checking outside at night, do you? – you find footprints starting or ending in the middle of your lawn.

9. Your spouse shows a strange behavior, including sleepwalking, especially at full moon.

10. Someone’s knocking at your back door during a full moon night, and when you open, he or she shows his/her fangs. Now you know for sure.

Next time I’ll elaborate on some survival tips. Stay tuned.

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