Monday, June 6, 2011

Green Embrace!

Green Embrace: Immortal Council series #6 is the story of Selene, a witch and Ever, a half witch half Animal Elf. It has been finished, polished and sent in to my author's wonderful editor.

It will be released soon I hope but if you haven't already, catch up on the stories at and find out more about them on my author's website

So now I get to share the blurb!

Ever is a half witch, half Animal Elf who was raised in the human world. As if that didn’t give her enough issues she is part of a prophecy that has everyone after her and her convinced she is destined to be a weapon for the wrong side.

Selene is a witch who never wanted to be leader of a coven but after being thrown into the position she is looking for a way to escape. When Ever contacts Selene through astral projection and asks for her help in escaping Vincent, Selene jumps on the chance. She becomes obsessed with the beautiful woman who appears to her and would do anything to have her.

Saving her from Vincent is only the beginning. Neither willing to give control of any kind to the other they clash at every turn and their exploding passion isn’t enough to keep them together.

Is their obsession enough to bring them together before Vincent takes back what he claims is his?

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