Monday, May 30, 2011


Do not disturb the author....she is working on proofreading the next in our series. This is a reason for me to celebrate.

Green Embrace: Immortal Council series #6 is well on its way to being available to all of you. The last words written, the plot solid and full of, from what I have seen, spicy masturbation and sex. Seems the two women in this story were quite avidly self pleasuring on their journey to find each other. Of course when they were so far apart for so long, it makes sense.

"You obsess me, I want you to possess me."

This is the tag line and I'm sure the story delivers. From what I have seen, interacting with Ever and Selene, they are definitely obsessed with each other. How well they possess each other? That is a question the story will have to answer I suppose. My author has promised to let me read it, as usual, as soon as she sends it in to her editor.

Hopefully that will be tomorrow, and that is why I am making sure her life is remaining as quiet as possible this long weekend, so she can concentrate and finish.

So shhh...

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