Monday, March 28, 2011


It has been spring for a week and I do love this season. It is so wonderful to have the nights a little warmer, though I could do without the rain and occasional snow shower. Green things are popping out of the ground and soon Tarquin will pick bouquets for me during the day and fill the house with sweet fresh flowers. I don't miss out on the day, especially now that I have Tarquin. He always brings me the best parts of it.

I was feeling extra happy this last week and so I decided to go visit Paxton. He has been quite unhappy lately with the failure of that stupid witch to fix his problem, that is really my problem, not that I am going to tell him that. The woman wouldn't be in his basement if it wasn't for me...yeah, but she wouldn't be there if she hadn't stuck her stupid human nose into my business! She has spent the last almost year I think, in Paxton's basement because of it. If he doesn't find a way to erase her mind soon, he will have to kill her, or keep her as a pet there is an idea. I think we all need human pets...hmmm....any volunteers to be mine?

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