Monday, March 7, 2011

A special excerpt

My author is on vacation so I was able to sneak in and steal a special excerpt from Skin and Moon that was released last week....Enjoy!

A little bit of the lovely Emmalia....

"Emmalia closed her eyes as her body heated at the memory. The way he had touched her, his voice, the feel of his body consumed her. She wondered what it would be like to fuck him, what kind of a lover would a werewolf be? Intense, she decided, wild and animalistic. It would be an all-consuming kind of passion, something she wouldn’t walk away from unscathed.
Her chest rose and fell rapidly and her hands gripped her bare thighs. His hands would be rough, abrasive against my sensitive skin. Moving her hands higher, she felt her damp panties and moaned. She needed some release.
Moving quickly, she pulled her panties off and sat up in bed, crouched, her knees high and wide, one hand on the headboard for balance, one hand at her clit. A snap of her fingers and a simple thought brought the vibrator from her suitcase to her hand. She would be slightly green from the use of the magic, but it was a simple spell and would wear off quickly. She wasted no time, she needed a release and she needed it now. She turned the vibrator on high and plunged it deep into her wet cunt."

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