Friday, March 11, 2011


Alright. I know many of you are watching your pennies quickly disappear into nothingness, but here’s something you can spend your dollar on that won’t disappoint.

My first adventure, For The Love Of Blood is ON SALE at Amazon for a measly 0.99. Yes, For less than a buck, you can start reading the epic adventures of the Hightower Clan.

Just in case your not sure of what to do next, let me walk you through this…

1- Click on this link and purchase For The Love Of Blood.

2- Brew a good cup of Joe.

3- Sit down, kick your feet up and drink your coffee while immersing yourself in a vampire love story that will consume you.

WARNING: This adventure may be habit forming.

Start at the beginning of an epic erotic adventure...

Purchase at: Amazon, Trapezium, eXtasyBooks

I can’t believe I fell in love with a vampire! Oh, not just any vampire, but Tamara Hightower, Master of the East Coast, whose name and reputation quakes fear in every other vampire, not to mention a few Counsel members that crossed her path. Can this modern day relationship between a half-witch and a vampire work out or am I just fooling myself? No doubt, she stole my heart, but can I command her pleasures?


I pushed her back. “Wait a minute.” I reached into my beach bag and pulled out a leather harness. Giving her a sheepish smile, I said, “I’d like to see what you can do with this.”

Her eyes lit up and she met my smile with her own impish grin. I kissed her passionately as I unzipped and pulled her pants off. My tongue tasted every inch of her hard muscular belly. I slipped the harness on her and snapped the buckles, situating it perfectly over her crotch. I knelt down and took her new cock in my mouth. Slowly, I stroked it to make sure she could feel the base hitting her clit. Her eyes rolled up and her lips parted slightly as she met my gentle thrusts. I guided her to the throne and sat her down. Sliding it deeper into my mouth, I pressed down on her cock, knowing it would excite her even more.

I took one of her hands and strapped it to the throne armrest as I worked her dick further into my mouth. She looked down at me and I pressed her cock harder against her nub. Her eyes rolled and she leaned her head back, arching her body. I took her other hand and pulled it through the leather strap on the opposite armrest. Pulling the strap tight, I raised my head and ran my tongue up her belly to her neck. The throne was wide enough that I knelt directly over her while I nibbled her soft skin.

My sundress draped across her, shielding us from prying eyes. Then I moved my neck close to her mouth. A tease. I let her tongue touch my skin. More teasing. I had learned a few things working at the Center—vampires and men are alike. They are easily worked by an experienced hand and I intended to work Tamara tonight. I moved my neck closer to her tongue, encouraging her to feel the hard, steady pulse of my artery beat. She opened her mouth and I pulled away, “Uh-uh. Not yet…first you fuck me, then you taste me.”

She raised her hips, pushing her stiff cock against me, but it slid past my cunt and stopped at my ass. I raised my hips. “That hole is for another day,” I cautioned as I stroked her eager cock back to my waiting cunt and slid it inside me.

I mounted her. Wiggling, I took every inch, making sure she felt me. With each of her up-thrusts, I pushed down, driving the base harder against her swollen tip. Her fingers dug into the armrest and I quickened my momentum, wiggling the base, heightening her sexual intensity. She arched her back. I knew she was close. I stopped, sitting perfectly still on her lap. I kissed her cheek and my sweat ran down her face, gleaming in the candlelight. She had never looked so beautiful and so distraught. She opened her mouth and I kissed her lips. “I am the keeper of your pleasure,” I said, squirming in her lap.

Her eyes rolled back.

“Look at me,” I commanded, but she resisted. “Look at me.”

Finally, she obeyed. “Bid me your blood,” she pleaded.

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