Monday, February 7, 2011


Okay so I don't usually go for the dramatic but I can't help it here.....I had the most wonderful little escape! It was AMMMMMMMMMMMAZING! I took off for a few days alone then told Tarquin he had to join me, I was in love! It is not often that I run into anyone I find irresistible, its happened only a few times in my long life that I have been so drawn in by another soul that I know I am helpless to do anything other than sate myself on them. As soon as I saw them I knew it was one of those times...

I was strolling down a beach town at night, somewhere in southern California. I smelled them first, knew I was about to run into some witches. I almost turned and went down the alley to avoid them, almost didn't want to deal with the crazy bitches while I was trying to have alone time...but thank the gods I didn't!

They were gorgeous and more than up for what I had in mind as soon as my gaze landed on them. I said "hi" and they said "hi" and then we were all smiling and giggling like school girls. I, of course, had to get Tarquin down there too so we met the next night and spent four days together...I am refreshed, and relaxed, and I didn't have to murder an entire village to get this way! Perhaps sex is a good replacement for massacre...

I am not sure I will see them again, Tarquin is jealous a bit, even if he did thoroughly enjoy himself too. Maybe in another ten years when I am ready to snap again, then it would be a good time to contact them...I know which coven they belong too, I would be able to find them if I needed to I am certain, and it makes me smile still.

I am ready for anything now I think...even the release of another book in my series! Which will be soon I hope and I am once again in the position of deciding who gets their story told next...I will let you know what I decide.


  1. You deliciously naughty girl! I'm jealous. You must invite me on one of your next outings.

  2. Oh yes! I certainly will Tamara! ;)