Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weird Much?

Taking a break from the usual yapping about me to yap about the offspring. ‘The Offspring’ is my 6 y/o daughter, a kid that amazes me in how alike we are. She looks like me—gorgeous as all get out ;)—and has all my temperament. The good, the bad, and the suspect.  

This week she was awarded the Student of the Month award at school. Proud parent here, even if she is in the first grade and she’s been given the award before. It’s always good for the ego when the kid does well. Except I’m not quite sure how much I had to do with it.

She’s self-sufficient, prefers her own company to mine or the Spousal Equivalent, and says things like ‘Oh drat’ and ‘Goy’ and ‘I’m not understanding the situation.’ Crazy talk. She loves books and school. In fact she dreads the weekends because that means no school for two whole days, and however will she cope without school for all those days?

I’ve yet to meet any kid as weird as her. Never approach her with wet hands; she has a heart attack. You can’t leave any doors open, she has to close them. Middle of the night, rising from the deepest of sleep, she gets up to close the bathroom door. Voices perhaps?

Can it be all my weird freakishness has rubbed off on the poor kid? I say no, the SE has a bunch of not-quite-up-to-par things going on too. Why I gotta bear the blame?    

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  1. LOL I know my wierdness has rubbed off on mine. Fun post Avril!