Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Samhain

This is a wonderful celebration for vampires. The dark half of the year is beginning. More time for us to get out there and play. Why this holiday is celebrated by sending human children out to knock on strangers doors...I have no idea, it just seems ridiculous.
Why would you teach children to knock on strangers door and take candy? Bad idea! Do these humans have no idea what kind of freaks are out there? And I am not talking about the immortals, most of them would rather protect your young innocent children and see them safely home rather than do any harm to them. Its the crazy humans that I would worry over. Yet on this night of the year the children are given free reign to scamper about and talk to strangers. A very odd thing I don't think I will ever understand.
So how did I celebrate?
I had a bonfire party, invited Paxton and all the council members as well as the Oregon pack. It was a nice evening. Paxton was looking rather frazzled, it seems he has not been able to find a way of dealing with my nosey neighbor he has stored away in his house. Poor guy needs to get laid I think, may try to do some match making for him...
Who would make him a good match I wonder, any ideas?

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