Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Blur Between Nightmares

Sinking down into her new couch she smiled as she became absorbed by the pillows and reaching for the remote, she turned on the TV searching for something to watch. Cartoons were always a entertaining so she stopped on the cartoon network and just let her mind be preoccupied with silliness for a while.

Feeling her eyes getting heavy she tried to fight it, fearing what laid in wait on the other side, but not having the energy to sustain the battle, she slipped into sleep.

She was warm and comfortable, safe.
Feeling a drip of water fall on her cheek she brushed it away without thought, falling back into the warmth of her soft cocoon. Feeling it again, she wiped it away and then feeling it again, she wiped it away and opened her eyes. Sitting up feeling an overwhelming grogginess, she felt another drip, hearing it touch her cheek. Wiping it off her cheek again, she looked at her hand seeing blood. The droplets continued swiftly, becoming a rain of blood on her and looking up in confusion she saw Eric's eyes wide and cold as his bloodied body hung from the ceiling dripping down on her.
Falling to her knees Rebecca screamed in horror.

Bolting up right Rebecca scrambled off the couch her eyes immediately going to the ceiling seeing nothing but a white wall. Looking at her hands she swore she could feel something dripping on her and she ran her fingers through her hair instinctively looking at the ceiling again.

A chill ran through her and she looked at the clock. It was almost three am, and she decided she was done sleeping. Moving into the kitchen, she made some coffee and went to the fridge realizing she didn't have any cream.

How much did she want a cup of coffee?

Badly…very…very badly…

Looking to the bedroom, she knew she'd never be able to go in and change without waking him and then her eyes rested on the dryer. Debating again, how much she wanted coffee, she made her decision and walking to the dryer, she opened it and found a pair of jeans waiting for her. Pulling them on, she slipped on her flip-flops, grabbed her wallet, keys, and headed out. It was a ten minute trip she'd be right back.

Rebecca got in her car, and drove to the convenience store down the street. Walking in, she got her cream, a few Vaults and left. She was back in the house and drinking her coffee within twelve minutes.

Now what?

What she really wanted to do was go for a run, but she even knew that wasn't a good idea. Her house was too clean; however, she did see a pile of mail resting on the table by the door. Walking to it, coffee in hand, she grabbed it off the table, took a seat on the couch and started going through it.

Nothing too horrible, just a few bills and a magazine. Rising to discard the rest, she saw her coffee cup was empty and after tossing the trash, she went for a refill. Taking a sip, she drummed her fingers on the counter looking for something to do.

She had a dryer full of laundry to fold. Resting her coffee on the counter Rebecca pulled the laundry basket from the shelf and began the task of emptying the clothes into it. Carrying them to the couch, she placed the basket on the ground, walked back to get her coffee and proceeded to take a seat on the floor in front of the TV. Grabbing the remote, she changed the station to CNN for the morning news and began folding the laundry her mind already wondering what she was going to do next.

Author Amy Romine writing as Rebecca Gailen the Heroine of Trust Me Trilogy - Book 2 Veiled Deception (COMING Dec 2010)

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