Monday, August 2, 2010

Marina blogging today

Hey its me, Marina, I took over the blogging for Zyra this week. The council is meeting at her house and she is busy staying out of our way. I told her I would be happy to help make things easier by doing what I can, she suggested many things I would rather not mention...then this and I said an emphatic yes! Its fun to get on here and talk to you people.

Since my book release I have been having so much fun. All my clan sisters are chitter chattering about how they just HAVE to have their stories told. I smugly suggested they find love first, then go talk to the author about it. Of course they have to go through Zyra to get to her, and most of them are afraid of her. So who knows if any of them ever will, even if they do find their mates. Which I truly hope they all do.

Also in July the wonderful author held a contest on her blog to celebrate the release of my story, Wet Glamour. It was a fun contest, full of great seaweed recipes! I encourage you all to go check it out and try some, I am sure you will find something you like. I know I did!

Okay and since I am here alone, checking over my shoulder for anyone who might be watching............Okay looks like I'm clear.

Okay there is some major news being revealed in the next book and I just happened to see it because I was poking around Zyra's computer, okay I was snooping whatever! Anyway BIG BIG news coming Lillian--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

HaHa, like I wasn't going to check this before it went out. Stupid mermaid. Anyway, those secrets are not hers to reveal, so they are safe, for now.


  1. Marina, how wonderful to see you here! One word of advise, make sure Zyra does not catch you on her computer snooping around. I would hate to think of what she would do to you. :) If you want some advise on snooping, let me know, I learned quite a bit sneaking around behind Tamara's back!

  2. She's just lucky mermaid blood tastes like fish.....