Monday, June 14, 2010

Stupid Sunshine

The sun is ruining my life, and I don't even go out in it!

So I have told you all a few times how I love the author I found to write our stories. She is wonderful, just the perfect type of person to put our stories into the written form.

I just don't understand her obsession with the sun! I mean seriously she has been avoiding me all weekend because the weather is nice. She says she has to soak up the sun while she can?! What is that all about? I think of her as my perfect match, for this project, but she forsakes me for the sun!

I tried getting her to appreciate the moon, it is really a very wonderful thing to bask under. She didn't "get it" she said, WHATEVER! She complained about the cool air and started shivering in no time at all, stupid frail humans and their need for the warm sun.

The sunshine is doing more than just take my author from me. It has brought my annoying neighbor out of hiding. She seems to like it as well and spends her days traipsing around her yard in short shorts and tank tops that the young weres of the pack seem to appreciate way too much. Tarquin thinks its funny, I think its going to lead to me killing the weres or the woman, not sure which, I just need my peace and quiet during the day. Not the revolving door the young weres make of my kitchen.

I don't know what has made them suddenly less afraid of me, but I don't like it! Something must be done, soon.

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