Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Musing About Author Websites

What do you as a reader look for in an author website? I’m currently in the process of designing mine. Fortunately I have a talented graduate student/html whiz/graphic artist working with me since I can’t afford the higher cost, popular designers of romance author websites. Perhaps some day….

Since I have only two titles up at present, a novella and a short, I can’t justify spending what some of those designers charge, although their designs are lovely. My gal Jennifer has created an attractive site with home page, bio, books, links, and contact pages. Pretty straightforward. I’ll have another short out on August 1st and I’m writing a holiday novella scheduled for December 2010. But right now, I only have two products to showcase. We must start somewhere, right?

I can’t see doing a log right now even though everyone says “Blog! Blog! Blog!” and I know a couple of authors who blog daily on their sights. All I know is, I have time to contribute to the Naughty Little Vamp blog every other week with my extraordinary eXtasy Books friends and I have time to write. There’s little time left to create daily blog posts on my own sight. And the authors I know who have their own blogs are posting recipes, recommending other people's books and pictures of hunky men. Every Day! Hmmm. seems like a waste of time of me. When are they writing books?

As a copywriter in my day life, I’ve written scores of client websites, but promoting oneself (like writing about oneself) is always challenging. I’m interested to know what turns you on in a website. I’ll have more content once I have more product, but I’m speaking generally here. With the goal in mind to inform and generate interest in books, what do you think makes an author website effective?

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  1. I'm atracked to blogs that blog things i like,contest,books,Paronarmal,and stuff like that other people other likes.I realy like the black back page you have gives it a gothic fill.