Thursday, June 10, 2010

Have I missed something?

Perhaps, my age is catching up with me. Perhaps, the meaning of art has changed and I neglected to receive the memo. Perhaps, some things are just meant to be strange.

Strange. Yes, that is a word I associate with Lady Gaga. I find her strangely attractive and entertaining.

I am drawn to many of her songs, especially “Bad Romance”, as well as, others that this Gaga has recorded. Every once in a while, when I am alone, I allow the rhythm to move me. Do not laugh!

I would never subject the world to my dancing, although, for me it is not so much dancing as it is foreplay. The sensual moves of the hips slowly thrusting, enticing the sexual appetite to hunger for more. The clouding of all reasonable thoughts as passion starts to consume you and desire crashes into – forgive me.  I have said enough.

Oh, yes. Back to this Lady Gaga. I believe I have completely missed the meaning behind her newest video.

"The gay community...has been the most enormous blessing of my life, that I have them and their support and the way that they truly understand me and support me," Gaga told King. "My admiration for the gay community comes from an incredibly steadfast and joyful courage and very bravery that they have for one another, for their community. To be gay and to live openly in this society is something that requires a tremendous amount of strength and steadfastness....I celebrate their culture and their union and who they are, in my music, and in my fashion, and in my work, every day. And I will forever." 

I admire her work, and bravery for being different, yet, I do not understand. Has she implied that lesbians are not part of the gay community? How does this video honor the gay community and I am using the word community as a "whole" when she was the only female in the video?

If anyone feels so inclined as to, how shall I put this? Educate me, I would be most grateful.

The video is from Lady Gaga’s website:


  1. thats the first time seeing this video for me but your right i do not get it ether.


  2. Alright I've just watched the video.. I have many thoughts. First I speculate that maybe she feels the majority of her gay followers are male. Second..maybe she doesn't appeal to gay woman? I don't really know and I'm not going to google it. I will say that I believe Gaga is the Madonna of this generation. She is quite talented, although I think she is quite weird. That being said I prefer to just listen to her music and not pay too much attention to her video's, again because they're weird. I think she is a fantastic dancer and performer. I studied dance as a kid into my teen years, so I do appreciate those parts.

    Just my two cents! maybe 3 or 4 LOL

  3. I see your point. I must admit that even I have taken a fancy to her music, but the meaning behind her video's do tend to escape my understanding. I also agree with you about Lady Gaga becoming the modern day Madonna. It is exciting to watch this new generation unfold.