Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can’t Fight It

Am I the only person on the planet who has not read Twilight? I got hit with that question again today. I feel like lived read it because there’s no escaping the media blitz for the latest film or any of its predecessors. I can’t argue with Stephenie Meyers’ success, though. In less than five years, nearly 100 million copies of the "Twilight Saga" teen-vampire books have been sold in nearly 50 countries.

My respect for her was complete after watching an interview with her on CBS Sunday Morning. Meyer, who had never aspired to write or be a writer, said the idea for the book came from a dream about first love. She said, “It was this boy and a girl in a meadow. And they were having this conversation that I was eavesdropping on in my dream. And it was about how compelled they were to be with each other and yet how hard it was for him not to kill her every second they were together.”

And when she awoke, she wanted to know the rest of the story….so she WROTE it. And the rest is history. And the woman is still making it with book after book. She said, "One day I'm just staying up writing a story for fun. And the next day I have a career."

But what really got me was when she acknowledged that she never had started out to become a writer and that she realized what a fluke this whole Twilight phenomenon was. She said she never takes for granted the success that her books have become because she knows that so many other writers – talent ones who work hard at their craft day after day – never get the opportunity she has gotten. As a result, she appreciates her position every day. Stephenie Meyers won me over then and there. I give her props, and I hear the books are good, too.

Look out, friends. I may the joining the Twilight craze soon – a little late, but bloodthirsty for a good read just the same.

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  1. LOL Oh yes you will. I'll warn you, Twilight is more of a character study and starts a bit slow. Keep going. Once Bella and Edward officially meet, it takes off. But you might still find the story a bit lightweight. No matter, keep going. New Moon made me want to smack the crap out of Edward but again, it was a damn good read. A bit more action but still a bit of a character study. In truth, the first to books set up the third and fourth. Eclipse tends to be everyone's favorite because the romantic triangle that was set up in New Moon is in full flower in Eclipse and the action starts non stop. By the time you get to Breaking Dawn, all hell breaks loose. I'm also interested to hear how you feel about the ending of the last book. Meyer's fans tend to be split down the middle about whether they loved it or hated it. Me, personally--I loved it. And if you pay attention to the story and the clues, it's the most logical ending possible. But...I want to hear what YOU think. :-)

    Have fun. And welcome to the Twi-Hard Club in advance. ;-)