Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day...I can respect that...

Another human holiday today, Memorial Day. Well at least I can respect this holiday. It makes sense to celebrate and remember warriors of your race. Sometimes I think humans celebrate things just to make the passing of their short time on earth more important, ridiculous holidays most of them. However in this holiday I agree, it is only right to give respect to the fallen, especially when they have died fighting. What a great honor for them, and they deserve to be remembered.

Vampires don't have holidays, it would be pointless seeing as mostly we don't strive to find reasons to gather in large groups and interact. But if we did have a holiday I think it would be something like this human Memorial Day.

There has been times when vampires have gathered and fought, to keep a sort of peace among the immortals during times of inter-species war. Our fighters have always been among the greatest. Strong and mean, skilled with combat of many kinds, although we tend to prefer blades. Up close and personal kills. It seems a cowards way to shoot an enemy from a great distance. Most immortals don't even consider this as an option, especially since a bullet wouldn't kill an immortal, unless you were to shoot a werewolf with a silver bullet of course.

Paxton believes we are headed to another time of inter-species war, so do the animal elves thanks to Lillian. I am not sure, and I hope they are wrong because if we will take more than the Council of Immortals to keep it from the humans. Exposure would be worse than anything done to each other during battle. That may be the only thing on this earth I am scared of, and perhaps why I have decided to let my stories out. Most of you reading this may think I am nothing more than a fictional character, that's fine, but when you find out we are all real, maybe you'll look on us with a little more kindness, and try a little less to destroy us all...Maybe...


  1. I completely agree with you. It is an honor to respect the fallen. It's such a shame that it takes a holiday for most humans to remember them. If they had our experience, they would carry the memories of their warriors everyday.

    I hope all works out well for you, Zyra. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

  2. Thank you Tamara, I will surely take you up on that!