Friday, April 2, 2010

Human families

I have an adopted human family that I have been in contact with for several generations and I recently had the pleasure of intertaining them in my home. I know it may seem strange that I, Tamara Hightower, would develop a strong attachment not just to one individual, but their entire family, but it is true.

I love watching them grow and gratefully, I have memories of long past relatives, they have only heard about. For me, today is a sad day as I must say good-bye and watch them return home. There is something about a 10 month old baby that warms even the coldest heart. She has all ready shown qualities that are condusive to a Matriarchal bloodline. If it were not for my promise to preserve their bloodline, I would consider bringing her into my world.

The boy child is absolutely adorable, but lacks the physical exercise that will make him a decent vampire. I fear that he would not last long in my world. It's a shame that technology has crippled the physical stamina of today's youth. Perhaps, a few weeks with me will strenghten him up some. I shall consider extending the offer to his parents.

On the same family note, many of you know that I consider Zyra part of my extended family and I am pleased to announce that her human author has released a new story. No, it's not about Zyra, but it is entertaining. It only goes to show the company this human has been keeping lately. If you get a chance, pick up a copy of Lilly's Turn for a Rose at: Buy Here

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