Monday, April 5, 2010

Bunny Problems

I don't usually have a problem with the way my mate and his pack spend their time. Honestly if it doesn't directly concern me I tend to ignore it. However this year I couldn't sit back while they have their annual Easter hunt, and it isn't eggs they are going after. I am not a lover of nature, animals or any of that. I am, however, a believer in fair. And it just doesn't seem right that the pack spends Easter morning hunting the Easter Bunny!

Oh I know there is no Easter Bunny, but still. They go out to "celebrate" the stupid human holiday and I end up looking at rabbit carcases all over the yard. Apparently whoever finds the biggest rabbit gets some kind of respect, if you ask me its dumb luck. Its not as if they are hunting smart animals after all, these are rabbits!

So I decided this year I had seen enough, and I was going to enlist the help of someone I really don't like. I called the only animal elf I would talk to without being forced, Lucas. As Lillian's twin I hate him by association but after his actions regarding my daughter I have decided to forgive him, just a little. He is obviously not as crazy as his sister, by a small but important margin.

Animal elves are great communicators with, well animals obviously. So I convinced him to come in and do me a favor, play a trick on the pack. He came out early Saturday morning and was able to send all rabbits in the area fleeing. No one knew, it was so subtle and wonderful. That night the pack went out with whoops and hollers, full of blood lust and energy to bring back the largest of the poor defenseless things. I sat back with some refreshing blood and waited to see their sad faces return.

I was not disappointed! They slunk back, one by one, empty mouthed and I held back my giggles, sitting far out of their way, perched out a window upstairs. It was beyond entertaining, I do love to make those stupid dogs suffer a bit, they cause me enough hell.

But the best thing was when this cocky ass were trots into the clearing with a big rabbit in his jaws, clearly bigger than normal, and where the hell had he found it? I wasn't about to admit what I had done but this was too good. The others circled him and it took about ten minutes for the idiot to break down and tell them what he had done. Buying and killing the poor thing, then hiding it nearby.

Idiot wolves...I need to hang out with more vampires....
Oh and Happy Easter.


  1. Absolutely wonderful! Zyra, you are full of surprises. I love the way your evil mind thinks!

  2. Hehee, well I do find entertainment where I can ;)