Monday, March 22, 2010

Teen weres and half naked movie stars

You would think that the worst thing about being mated to a were is the other males being all male and intimidating and annoying. Well that is a pain in my ass but this weekend the absolute worst thing I have ever had to endure happened!

My home was invaded at twelve thirty on Friday night by the packs young females. We have the largest house, and being at the alpha's house is an extremely safe place, so all their overprotective parents thought it would be the best place for them. I had planned to leave Tarquin to his own bad decisions but he looked at me with terror in his eyes when they began to arrive and I gave in, decided to stay and help, not that I was any help really.

The young were girls all are afraid of me, which I prefer, and so none would approach me for a thing unless they were playing truth or dare.

Anyway the whole reason that they were there was to watch the dreaded new movie about the stupid sparkly vampires and apparently super sexy werewolves. The ten girls ranging from seventeen to twenty-two were oohing and ahhing and I could smell their hormones heating as the movie started and I began to realize why the parents were so concerned about where the young girls were at when watching the movie.

Fifteen minutes into the thing our house was surrounded by the young male weres of our pack, and even a few Tarquin didn't know! It was insane, of course what else could happen. The girls were practically in heat and as stupid as males are they came running without a thought. Most were smart enough to stay back from the house, although not all were and poor Tarquin was forced to engage more than one of the young males in a confrontation that left them wounded slightly physically and their pride in shambles in front of their pack alpha.

Of course its no news that werewolves are emotional, quick to anger and other things, so driven by them that they often are reacting before thinking. But the hormones of the young ones is insane! I am beyond thankful that my darling Alexia is only half were, I am not sure I could have dealt with a full were teenager.

And when the next movie in this horrid series is released....I will be on vacation!


  1. Zyra, it good to know you handled it well. Tarquin should be pleasesd and graceful for your patience. I unfortunately, experienced some of he same. Only mine were young fledglings taken by Edwards sparklies. The Cullens are becoming more of a quick sourse of irritation inmy house. Good luck my old friend.

  2. Damn, I am not sure which would be worse!