Monday, March 15, 2010

A bloody message

My writer is having issues, well she calls it a break, "a creative break." I call it- I am going to start biting you and making you do as I say if you don't start writing our stories again-

Of course when I began to threaten her she began to yell and write a story that has nothing to do with me! Can you believe that! I am not okay with this side of her. When we met she was so sweet and willing, now she has begun to show her true nature. She thinks she is running the show, thinks she can do whatever she feels like because she is the talent, and I am just the life she writes about!

I can hardly believe it myself. So I went up to see her this weekend, thought a face to face would do the trick. So didn't turn out as I had planned. She was all cute and demanding and all "I will do as I please"

Normally that would have pissed me off to the point of murder! But I can't hurt my writer, so I am here to vent and say that as much as it kills me to do so, I am letting her get this 'other' story out of her system before she starts in on another of ours. I don't know that I will allow more than one to interrupt though, I am not a reasonable person, as most soon find out.

If I had a choice I would take her hostage, I would tie her to a desk and make her write 24/7 or as close as she can manage, being just a weak human after all. But I have been advised that this would not be a good idea, would 'stifle' her creativity and her willingness to write for me. So I haven't, yet.

However I am ready to, if she doesn't get back on track ASAP! And to let her know I am serious, I left her a gift last night on her bed...

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  1. Zyra, patience is overrated when it comes to humans. LOL
    But, do try to remember that they are frail creatures. She will come around soon. :)