Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baring our Fangs

Dominique: Bonjour, my name is Dominique Valois and I’m visiting here with Kia. I’m a born vampire, practically vampire royalty back in France. Kia isn’t pure blood vampire *sniff* but we won’t hold that against her.

Kia: Hello, my name is Kia Montana. Please ignore my…friend. Hybrids are extremely rare, and I think Dominique may have underestimated just how dangerous we can be.

Dominique: In my world, there are a few different types of vampire all linked to different chakras. We feed on both blood and energy. However, my type say we’ve moved beyond the need to feed on humans…but I’ve always known something was missing in life.

Kia: Human blood is as essential for a vampire and hybrid’s survival as water is to a mortal in my world. And I’ve never had any trouble seducing a man and drinking the nectar from his vein. Besides, once bitten, a human never remembers the bloodlust act. I won’t jeopardize the secret of our immortal race.

Dominique: I’m currently working damned hard to find a way out of an arranged marriage to another born vampire. He’s crazy, dangerous and has threatened my family. My only option is to ruin myself (Victorian, I know, but the born vampire court is like that)…and the best person to do that is the biggest, baddest vampire hunter in the business, Rand Wilder. Now I just have to seduce the stubborn, battle-scarred hunter…

Kia: I wish you luck Dominique. Unfortunately, I have my own problems. I have to find the Dark Lord— the most ancient of vampires. I need his blood to save my dying mother, and I’ll do anything to get it. Anything.

Here are a couple of snippets from our Nocturne Bites stories:

Dominique and Rand’s story, HUNTER’S SURRENDER by Anna Hackett, available April 1st from all major eBook retailers. For more info on Anna’s books, check out her website

Rand let his gaze skim over her perfect lips, then traced over the smooth, white skin of her throat. God, he bet she’d be delicious. She’d feel silky and supple. And he’d be the first to slide his body into the warmth of hers.

Jesus. His chest heaved. “Sorry, sweetheart. I’m not interested in screwing a princess with fangs.”

Heat seared along her cheekbones. “Watch it, hunter.”

Time for him to get out of here. Before he did something stupid—like touch her. He stepped around her. “I’m leaving.”

She sidestepped in front of him. “I haven’t finished with you yet.”

That silky voice stroked over him. Rand went to move around her, but found his feet rooted to the ground.

Damn! Usually a vampire’s thrall didn’t work on him, but this woman’s voice was a powerful weapon.

She came closer and he smelled her scent. Fresh water with a hint of some flower he couldn’t name. It wrapped around him. So clean in the blood-soaked darkness.

Her violet eyes widened. “You’re so hot.”

She lifted a hand. It hovered between them for a second before she pressed her fingers to his chest.

Lightning. They both gasped. Her fingers clenched on his shirt, then moved in a caress. She smoothed those long, elegant fingers over his muscles.

“So much energy, so much rage,” she whispered. “How do you function with such chaos inside you?”

Kia and Ronan’s story, HER DARK LORD by Mel Teshco, out now from all major eBook retailers. For more info on Mel’s books check out

“Amore,” Ronan groaned. “We should go.”

It was past time to leave. If only through a tidal wave of desire and hunger, fury didn’t writhe within like a snake uncoiling, an undiluted wrath that had her jerk out of his grasp and spin around to face him.

It might be her vampire side causing her eyes to burn, her fangs sharp points on either side of her bottom lip, but it was her human side that saw her raise her hand, her open palm connecting to his cheek with a sharp crack.

Little could stop a vampire’s bloodlust. But incredibly, all motion froze. The DJ ceased play. And vamp’s with blood on their lips and lust in their stares, dropped their eyes and bowed their heads.

At some level, she recognized she’d broken some basic vampire code. Right then she didn’t care. All she saw was Ronan and his lie.

Anger bubbled within: at his duplicity, at her own idiocy, but mostly at the catastrophic waste of time, which may well affect her mother’s outcome. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a vampire?” she hissed.

With eyes shot red and incisors long, his voice was oddly calm. “There is much you haven’t been told.”

Anger grew, vibrating through her chest to feed a savage ardor. “What?”

“Not here.” He offered her his hand. “You want to meet the Ancient One. I will take you to him.”

A murmur rippled through the onlookers. He quelled it with a look, and waited, hand outstretched. “Now or never.”

Vampire hunter Rand Wilder hated vampires—even if they were as beautiful and alluring as vampire princess Dominique Valois. For years he fought the beings who had killed his father, resisting their dangerous sensuality. Yet even Rand was tempted by the intoxicating Dominique and her shocking offer: to hurt the vampire court by taking her virginity....

A desperate need to ruin her reputation had forced Dominique to seek out the hunter known as The Darkness. But she hadn't expected Rand to be so captivating and compassionate.... Soon a very different sort of need drove her desire to take Rand to her bed. And with Dominique's survival depending on it, she would have to use all her skills of seduction to make this strong hunter surrender to passion....

When dhampir Kia Montana takes a man home, she isn't looking for names or a relationship—she only wants someone who could satisfy her lust for both sex and blood. But Kia's new mission is to find Sean Maximillus, Lord Vampire and the lone being capable of curing Kia's mother. Kia thought she found the key to success with Ronan, a mysterious man who promises to take her to Maximillus...and who shares a carnal passion with Kia even bloodlust couldn't match.
But Ronan also seems to know too much about Kia...things she never told him. And as she is drawn deeper into Ronan's world, he reveals secrets that will change Kia's life forever....

Thanks to Tamara and the gang for letting us visit.

Dominique and Kia


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