Monday, November 16, 2009

Zyra of the Oregon Pack

I am a Vampire, and in my world that means long black hair, pale skin and bright blue eyes. I survive on blood and I can hear the thoughts of other Vampires in close proximity, if they send them to me, and I can send them mine. I move fast, faster than a human eye can track, and faster than a Werewolf can move which makes me a dangerous predator in their eyes. I am of a pack however, thanks to my mate.

You heard right PACK, I am a Vampire, but I am happily mated to an Alpha Werewolf, Tarquin. Its not exactly an accepted lifestyle, according to Vampires or Werewolves, or most any other creature out there, which explains how we ended up on trial for our lives at one point. Stupid Elves.

But that is in the past. I live with my mate outside of Portland Oregon and within way too close proximity to my obsessive ex lover, Paxton, whom my darling would really like to rip to pieces, if only I would let him.

I don't eat food, I don't go out in the sun, and I don't want dangerous humans to know about me. If you are reading this, and you aren't of the immortal breed, I will find you and you will no longer breathe on this earth. I don't kill to feed, it isn't necessary, but I will kill to protect my family and the secret of our existence. Some Vampires do kill for fun, they thrive on the fear they induce in their prey and glory in the death they bring to those lesser beings who are so fragile and stupid. But that is mostly the older generation, and frowned upon officially by all. I drink mostly from my mate, during sex, but also pre-packaged blood delivered by a local source. If I were to only ingest the blood of my mate I would risk becoming pregnant with his child again, not something I am want to do.

I am a loving mother and wife, I am fiercely protective of what is mine, and I will go out and take whatever it is I want. Vampires, in general, are a very selfish breed, we don't like groups we don't need constant contact from others, other than our mate of course, that is a kind of contact we would kill for. The Internet has been such a blessing to the Vampire breed, we can keep in contact, without actually making an effort to be around each other.

Unfortunately my mate is a Werewolf, a very group oriented breed and needs to be a part of a pack to survive. And so I accept that they invade my home every full moon and on Holidays, but my mate has accepted that we will never be a household full of them. Not that any of them really enjoy my company anyhow, they would rip me apart if they could justify it to their Alpha.

A peace of sorts has been reached among us all, and for two such volatile creatures that is an amazing thing.

I will blog here every Monday as a way of keeping touch with my fellow Vampires, keep them apprised of events as they unfold down here, especially considering the newly developing Council of Immortals. This is something that will mean a change for every immortal out there, not all of whom will take kindly to the idea. And with my daughter a seated member, being the only of her species, I have taken a very close interest in it.


  1. Hello, Zyra. I am called the Metal Man, and, I am writing this to try to begin to undo some of the bad blood between myself and your kind, if at all possible.

    Like you, I am a limited immortal. In 1751, when I was nine years old, I was abducted by aliens and forced to become a creature much like them. Now, I am simply a tank of organs, immersed in a gelatinous fluid that serves as my blood. I can, however, wear skins of flesh and metal that allow me to walk among the humanoid--and other--masses of this planet.

    If you wish, I will write more later.

  2. Although I resent being called "limited" I will take your request for friendship into consideration. I am a believer in the uniting of immortals against the dangerous humans who, if they found out about us, would be more dangerous than any immortal could ever be to another. You are not of a species I am familiar, and this is intriguing.

  3. I am of no species. My captors called themselves "Species One," but they abandoned me. Their cybernation process was supposed to strip me of my individuality. It failed--for me and for the other humans on whom they tried it. (They did not survive.) Thus, they have deemed the denizens of this planet unsuitable for their purposes. They won't be back.

    I call myself a *limited* immortal because it is possible for others to kill me, though, if they do not, I shall live for a long, long time. I mean no offense. Please forgive me if, owing to my current bio-mechanical condition, I am sometimes a bit technical.

    Though I enjoy your company, I must stop here. Government agents, eager to find the immortality that they mistakenly believe may be in my blood, are walking into the book store from which I am sending this message. I must engage my cloaking device and disappear, not quite into the throng. I hope that, some day, we may meet in person. Being polite, I will not force my presence upon you, but you may notice a soft, electrical buzz in the air about you. Have no fear of this. I will not harm you.

  4. Well, old friend, it is good to see you are making new friends.

  5. Hello, Zyra, being a mere mortal, as far as I know, are you really going to come kill me, since I now know about you?
    It may not matter to you that I'm an author who writes about various immortals. In fact, they tell me their stories. So, I'm betting they trust me, somewhat.

  6. Jeff tread carefully, it won't be only humans who are after your head if you come sniffing around me. My mate is quite territorial.

    Tamara love! It has been far too long since we have spent time together. I do hope we can meet again someday.

    Savanna if you have been trusted by another I would not harm you unless I come to percieve you as a threat, of course.

  7. Zyra, Jeff is an acolyte of mine who lets me use his internet account. He is not even aware that I am commenting on your blog. (This is because I respect your stated desire for discretion.) If you must use a Human name, and not refer to me as "Metal Man," as nearly everyone else does, then my given name is "Pierre."

  8. As to your mate, unfortunately, he would have to get in line. In the 1990's, I helped to subdue a clan of Vampires and Werewolves that a Nephilim grub had taken over, working with a Vampire Clan known as the Children of the Dawn. Though the Red Demon Clan, as they were known, were the kind group that Vampires usually remove by themselves, I was targeted for retribution following the incident. This is, in fact, why I am contacting you--in the hope that I can negotiate an end to the ensuing hostilities before more lives are needlessly lost.