Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome to Naughty Little Vamps

I, Tamara Hightower, Matriarch of the Hightower Clan and enforcer of the East Coast, have tracked down the renegade group called NLV (Naughty Little Vamps) and against my better judgement, I will allow them to continue in my Territories. After much deliberation and a few casualties, we have settled on this blog to bring you all things vampire.

Well, here's the nitty gritty of it.

As time progresses, I will add other - how do you call them, bloggers to this site.
So bear with me...the combing out process is long and hard and I steal whatever precious time I have from my Matriarchal duties to do this.

Here you will find what I consider the best in our world, the best stories, poetry, news and anything that has to deal with night walkers.

Let me dispel a couple of myths before we begin.

I love garlic, so pile it on.

Being invited in, isn't necessary, it's the polite thing to do. Don't worry, our paths will probably never cross, and if they did, you won't remember it. I assure you.

And yes, your mythology books got it right, we are sexual creatures.

Suck on that for a while and I'll see you next week.



  1. I already feel home. Delightful garlic, sweetest pain and sex - what a recipe to make a woman happy! But before you dare to bite me, make sure your fangs are strong enough against my scales.
    Cheers, Valerie

  2. Oh Valerie, what a tease you are!

    We'd be delighted to put our fangs in you!

    Good Hunting!
    The Naughty Little Vamp Clan

  3. Cute blog!

    I'll be happy to add you to my blog list.
    When my urban fantasy, Strange Neighbors, comes out in June, I'll have to ask the ghost haunting the building to interview me. He's a snarky journalist from the 6o's. LOL