Friday, November 20, 2009


Man, I was all hyped and ready to talk about stuff on this blog, and the closer it got to my day, the more my brain was stumped for a topic to talk about. Usually I have tons of stuff to yammer on and on about, but I usually talk to myself about them, lol.

But fear not human readers; my clan, the ABRAXAS Clan, are a pretty peaceful group. We don't bother anyone, and we prefer NOT being bothered by anyone else. (But other clans and even people who think they can challenge us are the blazing idiots who bug us every now and then, forcing us to have to drop them on their stupid asses...) So go about your daily routine--you won't have to worry about any of us jumping out of nowhere, scaring the shit outta you by going 'GYAAH! BLARRRGH!' and drinking your blood and any of that other gross stuff. I think I'd pass out if I had to do that!! Touch a person, let alone BITE them? EW! Thank the stars we take our sustenance etherally. (My sister in blood, Kiera, says we're called 'psy vamps'. I thought saying 'air suckers' sounded cooler, but she popped me in the head after suggesting that...)

But, we do share a few similiar qualities with humans. Yep, we can eat food, and sunlight doesn't bother us (much). We only drain energy when we need it, and it's not a daily thing, either. There were, however, actual blood drinkers in our clan at one time. (well, our clan 'lost' those particular kind, but the other clans within our 'house' have them, and they're grumbling under their breath as we speak concerning that, but that's another story for another time.)

Ah, I guess I should mention I'm not too fond of people either, and who cares what you think?! (Don't make me have to zap you across the room!) People freak me the hell out sometimes; they're waaaay to weird for my tastes. I may be strange to everyone else, but it's my clan that loves me for me, and that's all that matters!

Our Clan is pretty small, and lucky for us, we all live under the same roof. Only one of them picks on me from time to time, but it's no big deal. All I have to do is take off one of my socks and he'll vanish in an instant.

I'd like to make friends with more of our kind, but again, that whole seeing someone face-to-face bugs me. I do a lot of 'talking' online instead, and even have a friend who I do RPG's with. Well, we do our OWN kind of RPG's...kinda like 'improv' RPG's. Our stories get so crazy, we should compile them into a book one day! *lol!* Speaking of books, i even published my very first photobook of cool weird stuff. I gave it away to all my friends. If you wanna be my friend, I'll send you the link so you can download your own free copy next time. You might need to remind me though. I get a little scattered sometimes, lol.

*Looking at computer screen* wow---looks like I managed to talk about something after all! Cool! But, as a last-minute side note, I want to add that I'd like to actually make friends with a werewolf, and dispel that goofy myth about vamps and weres not being able to get along. There's enough stupid prejudices going on in the world as it is. Do we really need it in the supernatural world as well?

See you guys again in December. Toodles! (and Cheese Doodles! *yummy!*)


  1. I saw that Jonathon was speaking as it flashed across my screen for yahoo and had to come and see what he had to say! Pass the cheese doodles Jonathon I want to hang out with you! Would love to see you book of pictures! Phylis

  2. AIR SUCKERS?!?! ROFLMAO!!! This was cool. Fun read!

  3. OMG, this was so cute, lol. No wonder I love Jonathan. Extra kudos to his prejudices comment, too! Dammit, now I'm hungry for cheese doodles, lol.

  4. Loved it! I don't see why werewolves and vampires couldn't get along!

  5. Hey, Jonathan, nice to meet you.

    Yep, it's been a plot all along to keep vampires and werewolves at each others throats... for, once joined in power, who can stand against them?

  6. Thanks for the comments guys!
    HI Savannah! *waving* You know, you make a REALLY good point! I think it'd be cool to have a werewolf as a friend. If I keep wishing for it, maybe it'll come true? lol. Zombies are fun too, but they'd stink up the place.