Monday, November 23, 2009

A house Full

I have a house full of Weres, stupid pack celebrates inane human holidays such as Thanksgiving. So I am forced to deal with their presence in my home for the next week, likely all the way through until the full moon, December 2nd. It is ridiculous to me, their insistence on getting together for a big dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving. Of course, as my mate informed me yesterday, he was THERE to see it happen and so feels its a very good reason to celebrate it. Weres are obsessed with being together, it is something that forever gets under my skin as a solitude loving Vamp. But for my mate I will deal with the intrusion, I suppose.

Right now a few of the idiots are howling about outside, why can't they do that during the daylight hours when I am forced to be inside? I am tempted to go visit Paxton in town, just to get some peace. Hmmm....a wicked thought has just occurred to me. Perhaps it would be rude of me to not invite Paxton for dinner on Thursday. Three Vamps, since my dearest Alexia will be here, against the pack. We will be evenly matched then.

Not that I expect trouble, its just that most of the pack is ever resentful of my position in it, and with so many of them I don't appreciate feeling outnumbered in my own home.

At least no one expects me to cook, or eat for that matter. So I just have to concentrate on not biting any delicious Werewolves for the next couple of weeks. This could become difficult.

I will keep you all informed of my ability to resist via my new twitter account, yes I broke down and got one so I could keep in contact with my daughter more easily while she is away from home.

So don't expect any comments from me about thankfulness, the only thing I will be thankful for is December 3rd after the full moon and my house is mine once again.


  1. What no sympathy Tamara? You're not even going to invite me down for a holiday break! Ah well, I suppose I will deal. Although my fangs are elongating just thinking of what I would like to do the noisy lot of them.

  2. No, my friend, no sympathy as I tend to find myself surrounded by humans for this holiday of theirs. I have given the humans, my word that I would not taste or harm any of them.

    Although, I do believe you are right. It is better to be around humans than flee-dipped wolves any day.

    My thoughts are with you. Enjoy their holiday and remember to keep the damage to a minimum.